Why Getting Sun Every Day Is Healthy

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The sun is the centre of our solar system, and it provides the heat and energy that allowed life to explode on the planet, essentially giving rise to everything and everyone today. Once revered as a god, it wouldn’t be until many thousands of years later that we finally figured out what the sun truly is. Most health experts recommend getting around 10 to 15 minutes of direct, midday sunlight every day in order to achieve the highest benefits that the sun has to offer. Here we will look at the advantages of getting enough sunlight as often as possible.

Prevention of Cancer

Cancer is one of the most prolific diseases of the modern age, affecting millions of people across the world every year. It can occur at just about any point of the body, although extremely rarely on the heart, and its severity can vary widely. Research has shown that part of what makes some cancers so aggressive is a weak immune system, and without adequate Vitamin D from sunlight, our immune systems simply can’t function properly. Not all cancers are affected, but some that are include colon cancer, ovarian cancer, and pancreatic cancer. And although sunlight has been associated with a small risk of skin cancer, this can be easily avoided by simply wearing enough sunscreen with the correct SPF.

Stronger Bones

More people suffer from calcium deficiencies than is probably known, and it’s especially prevalent in those that are over the age of 50. Taking calcium supplements is often recommended, but these don’t work that well without the body having enough Vitamin D present. Not only that, but Vitamin D is strongly linked to a number of bone health problems, such as osteoporosis and rickets. Preventing weaker bone health is as easy as spending a few minutes in the sun every day. For those that live in countries where sunlight isn’t that common, most doctors would recommend taking a suitable Vitamin D supplement.

Good For Depression

Depression has skyrocketed throughout the world in the last few years, and more and more people are searching for ways to manage their mental health that doesn’t rely on taking a variety of medications. Sunlight has been shown as a good way of helping manage the worst symptoms of depression, with studies showing that it’s possible to boost natural serotonin levels by getting enough sunlight and by enjoying a favourite hobby, such as slots at for Aussie players.

Secret To Longevity

One of the most comprehensive studies ever conducted in Sweden found that those that spend more time in sunlight were more likely to live longer lives. It’s worth noting that along with the boosts to Vitamin D levels, those that were in sunlight more often also tended to spend more time outdoors exercising, which has also been linked to better overall health and improved longevity. Either way, getting enough sun is imperative to a longer life, and everyone should strive to get enough every day.