The Healing Power Of Massage

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There is nothing more soothing than a full-body, Swedish massage that is guaranteed to melt any stress away. But more than just working to relieve the tension from sore muscles, massage has a lot more positive effects. Here are some of these phenomenal benefits.

Better Blood Circulation

Massage is responsible for stimulating the muscles and skin, eliminating waste products from the body (which is why you will often feel thirsty after a massage) as well as enhancing the efficiency of your blood flow. In this way, massage may be responsible for lowering one’s blood pressure and, as a result, warding off diseases such as hypertension and any cardiac events.

Enhances Immunity

Massage is responsible for stimulating the flow of fluid the body’s lymph system which, when it is in a good condition, is able to help fight off colds, flu as well as other like illnesses. People who get regular massages suffer from fewer of these illnesses.

Better posture

Massage – particularly Swedish and sports massage – can assist with improving posture and enhancing total-body flexibility. For example, when certain of your neck muscles become tight, they are not able to move in the manner that they should. This decreased range of motion causes other parts of your body to compensate for the muscles which are tight, which has the effect of causing your posture to deteriorate.

Together with a regular stretching routine, massage can help to keep muscles pain free and increase range of motion is your torso as well as your legs.

Because of the healing properties that are inherent in massage, if someone has injured a particular muscle in their body, a course of massage therapy is often recommended to assist with restoring the person to health.

Mental Benefits

As we all know, physical health is closely related to mental health and vice versa, so when your mental state is in balance, so if your physical state.

Oxytocin, which is a hormone that works to promote psychological and physiological balance, is stimulated by the touch therapy that is involved in a massage.

Speaking about hormones when we are stressed, we produce an abundance of the stress hormone cortisol. This hormone puts our bodies into a fight-or-flight situation. This reaction is a basic reaction to help to product us from imminent danger. For example, when we see that we are about to be involved in a car accident, the fight-or-flight reaction kicks in to protect us from danger and helps us to avoid the accident. However, when we are stressed – for instance, at work – this response still kicks in, even though there is no direct physical danger.

Through the power of touch, levels of cortisol in our bodies are reduced and, as a result, we breathe, think and sleep in an easier fashion, plus we enjoy things like real money pokies games more, as we have no other concerns.

So yes, massage does have the incredibly great power to relieve sore and tense muscles; however, in addition to this physical benefit, massage has a super effect on our mental well-being as well.