How To Become A Modern Minimalist

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Minimalism is a buzzword that gets thrown around a lot these days, and not everyone is sure what it means, how it pertains to every day living, or how to successfully incorporate it into their individual situation. The idea behind minimalism is one of health: the human brain can only deal with so much at one time, but by reducing the amount that we own, we can hope to reduce stress and find better health.

Unlike some other popular movements that might require serious changes to your standard of living, minimalism is among the easiest – all you have to do to start is by cutting back on your overall consumption. Here we will outline some easy methods of becoming a minimalist.

  1. Create a Set Of Rules

When deciding to join any type of movement, it can help to have some of reference in case you’re not sure of what step to take next. Minimalism is no different, and it can take some time to really get in to, so having a solid set of rules available will make all the difference. And it also differs according to the person and what they want to achieve from their minimalism. Some may just want to cut back on how much they own, others may simply want to live in a smaller house.

  1. Start Slowly

At its core, minimalism revolves around owning fewer items and learning just what you actually need versus what you believed you always wanted. This is perhaps the most difficult process for a beginner, especially when we consider the sentimental value of some times. Whatever the case, asking yourself tough questions is the first place to start, and then sticking to your decisions is vital to seeing it through. Many minimalists will usually ask themselves: have I used this in the last 6 months? If the answer is no, then it’s a good indication that you can get rid of it without it having an impact on your life.

  1. Learn How To Reuse

Another Important part of the minimalist lifestyle is learning how to take a single item and find multiple uses for it. This might include old jars or bags that you would have previously thrown in the waste bin, but now it’s a matter of finding how to make those items useful and beneficial to your living space. There are an endless amount of DIY and reusable guides and ideas that can be found online, and they’re great to check out between the latest Netflix series and online casino in NZ games.

  1. Minimising Space

The places where you work and live should always be your primary targets, so it’s important to apply your minimalism rules here more than anywhere else. Remove items that you never use or are taking up space that you could otherwise utilise for practical reasons. Instead of keeping CDs, move them all onto the cloud or an external hard drive; instead of having DVDs, consider buying a digital copy. There are endless ways you can make your space less bloated and more comfortable.