The Best Essential Oils And How They Work

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Essential oils have long been a popular commodity for the general public. Often made from refined flowers and herbs, these are oils that have a myriad of various uses, all of which are good for both the body and the mind. The essential oil industry has become fairly big business in the last few years, and they can usually be found at the local health shop, although it may be hard to get a hold of a few, specific types.

If you find that you’ve had trouble sleeping, suffer from pain, or any other ailment that over-the-counter meditation hasn’t helped with, it may be worth seeking out these following popular essential oils.


Not just relegated to old wives’ tales, peppermint essential oil has been proven by research to help a person wake up in the morning. A powerful mix of compounds that give the plant its unique odour can also be used to kickstart our bodies during those mornings where coffee just doesn’t work. It also works well for incense burners, filling a room with the smell of peppermint.


By far the most popular essential oil around, lavender is used for a variety of ailments, as well as for its beautiful and floral aroma. It’s most commonly used for helping a person achieve better sleep, where it doesn’t only help them enter periods of more restful sleep, but also gives them a refreshing start when they get up in the morning. Along with this, lavender has been shown to reduce the amount of anxiety that we suffer from, lowering the heart rate, the temperature of our skin, as well as our blood pressure.


Most people associate rosemary with a roast chicken, but it’s a very popular essential oil that offers those who use it a range of benefits, many of which have been proven by science. It’s great to keep at hand when you find that you lose concentration toward the end of the day, as rosemary can help stimulate the mind as well as make you feel refreshed, making it great for staying focused while enjoying online gambling casino games.


A fairly strong oil that should only be used sparingly, eucalyptus is made from the tree of the same name, one that has a reputation for its strong smell. When inhaled, eucalyptus can reduce the amount of mucus in your nasal cavity, making it ideal for those days when you’re suffering from a cold or hay fever and want to be able to breathe more easily.


A very common herb that’s been used for centuries to induce better sleep at night, the essential oil is even more potent than the tea that’s often made, although this can depend on the person. Much research has been conducted on the herb’s ability to help a person achieve a more restful night of sleep, so it might be worth having nearby if you suffer from bouts of insomnia.