Pigeon Pose To Promote Flexibility

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When it comes to enriching your life, the most holistic way to do so is by practicing yoga. Yoga is the practicing of centring oneself and discovering your true self. This is because it’s a process of meditating while stretching and exercising your body. You can start to imagine the benefits that could arise as a result.

By finding ways to include simple yoga asanas, or poses, into your morning routine can help you start the day the right way while promoting flexibility. One of the poses that we think is simple enough to try is the pigeon pose.

This pose is referred to as a hip opener and as the name implies, it aims to loosen the hips and promote flexibility. This is really helpful for individuals working in front of a desk all day. By stretching the psoas muscle, it can assist in increasing the range of motion of your hips. It also relieves tension, improve posture, alleviate back pain and promote knee flexibility.

So How Do You Do It?

  • This pose is performed down on all fours, in a table top position.
  • Once in this position, bring your left knee forward and place your foot next to your hand.
  • Slide your right leg backwards with your foot lying flat and heel facing upwards.
  • Lower yourself to the ground with your front leg resting in front of you, almost like a half-crossed leg situation.
  • Take a deep breath in and on exhale, walk your arms forward, slowly lowering your head as you do so.
  • Slowly push back onto your hands as you lift your hips forward to switch legs and repeat.

Pro Tips

  • Keep you left foot close to your right hip and vice versa.
  • To increase the difficulty level, place your shin parallel to your yoga mat.
  • A yoga block is a useful tool when it comes to adding support, especially if you are first starting out and not able to rest you head on your mat just yet. A pillow or even your hands could also work.
  • Your shoulders need to remain straight and your neck loose to prevent injury.
  • Don’t rush the pose, take your time and enjoy the process.

The beauty of yoga is that the poses are flexible in that you can tweak them to meet your flexibility levels. The idea is to get to know your body and its limits, not injure yourself. This is by no means the only pose capable of promoting flexibility, but it is a good place to start.

In addition to flexibility, yoga also has a wide range of other health and wellness related benefits. By becoming more in tune with your body, you can pick up on anything that may be problematic and address it, or simply just get to know yourself a lot better.