Natural Remedies To Guard Against The Flu

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The flu (or influenza, as) is caused by a virus. Several types of viruses may give you the flu. While there’s really no cure for the flu, there are a number of natural remedies that may assist with soothing flu symptoms. Also, they may help shorten how long you have the flu.

Try as you might to remain healthy during cold and flu season, it can be quite challenging to avoid getting sick. After all, the influenza virus doesn’t differentiate between healthy and unhealthy people, or old and young.

In addition, the virus is spread easily through droplets in the air when someone who is already infected coughs, sneezes, or talks, so we’re all likely targets. And flu season is far longer than you might think. It runs through fall and winter and into spring, peaking sometime between December and February.

Antiviral medications may reduce the severity of symptoms and speed up the recovery process by a day or two.

Here are a number of natural remedies to guard against the flu.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is generated in the body by sunlight. It can assist with building the immune system, therefore helping to lower the risk of catching the flu. With recent research demonstrating that low vitamin D levels are associated with higher rates of cold, flu and respiratory infections, it’s very important to keep your vitamin D levels at the recommended amount.

Get Plenty Of Rest

It’s essential to rest and get more sleep when you are suffering from the flu. Sleeping can assist with boosting your immune system. This assists your body with fighting off the flu virus. Cancel your normal routine and make sleep a priority to help get you back on your feet. Even if you just stay in bed and place your NRL premiership bets this way, your body will thank you for it.

Stay Hydrated

Individuals with the flu can quickly become dehydrated as their body works hard to fight off the influenza virus. People can hydrate by eating certain foods and drinking plenty of clear liquids, such as water or drinks that are full of electrolytes.

Gargle Often To Soothe A Sore Throat

If you happen to be suffering from a sore throat, gargle often with water or salt water. Gargling frequently may help reduce swelling in the throat and loosen mucus, which can remove irritants, such as bacteria and allergens.


Echinacea is a herb that can assist your body with fighting off infections. However, it’s best to begin taking it at the first sign of the flu developing.

A recent study that was published in Current Therapeutic Research demonstrated that taking Echinacea when you have the flu has been shown to be quite as effective, if not more so, as Tamiflu at battling respiratory infections. So, if you’re feeling quite a lot of discomfort this may be one of the better choices to go for.