Lifestyle Practices From Centenarians You Can Easily Adopt

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The Blue Zones of the world are classified as areas where people live well into their 100’s, and not only are they long-lived, but they experience a far greater quality of life with regard to health, mobility and lifestyle when compared to their same-aged peers around the world. Many people are curious as to the secrets of these happy centenarians, and the kinds of foods that they eat. Along with a richly varied diet that balances little meat with fresh quality vegetables that are locally grown, the blue zone populations also practice very similar lifestyles.

  1. Have A Social Community

Centenarians from blue zones have a happy, active social life, and are often out and about chatting with their neighbours or family on walks or in the garden, rather than just having a hot cuppa indoors. It seems to make no difference if the community centenarians enjoy is family or friends orientated, or even a part of their church like those in Loma Linda, California, the main takeaway is that it only needs to be active and social. This social support network is a key to boosting their overall happiness and let’s face it, waking up and planning to visit a good friend or grandchild is definitely something to put a pep into the step of most each day.

  1. Gardening

Spending time in nature is a large part of most centenarians’ lives. In fact, being active outdoors in the garden is a large part of what keeps the blue zone resident’s mobile. They tend to grow their own foods and enjoy the time outdoors where they tend to their plants and seedlings. Greens tend to dominate most gardens and form a large part of their daily meals.

  1. Small Regular Movements

Alongside gardening, fetching water, walking down the lane to visit their neighbours, doing washing, or getting up to make tea and enjoy it outside when the weather is good, ensures these small, natural movements are done daily and help lead to a very mobile population. Rather than being desk bound like most of us, Blue Zone centenarians tend to have a lifestyle that encourages small but often movements throughout the day.

  1. Cook It Themselves

Going hand in hand with growing their own foods, most centenarians also tend to cook their own meals from scratch with what is available seasonally and on-hand. Pulses, grains, sweet potatoes, healthy oils, and fish-based dishes tend to reign supreme in centenarian kitchens, along with hefty helpings of fruits and green vegetables like spinach, kale, beetroot and turnip tops. Dairy and meat are consumed in moderation infrequently each month, and surprisingly, most centenarian populations tends to enjoy a single glass of wine or spirit almost daily.

  1. Take Time Out

Rather than engaging in busy, frantic behaviour, the blue zone populations have a quiet purpose-filled life, that helps them engage in slow, unhurried daily tasks like playing at online casinos in Sri Lanka. One of the key traits that most share is that there will be a time out period within their day where they often will have a nap or engage in a period of quiet reflection and prayer at some point. This is a great way to combat any kind of stressful period going on, and for Sardinians, their time out includes a happy hour.

These above are some of the best lifestyle adjustments possible as they help to combat stress, build a sense of purpose and community, as well as increase the overall happiness and satisfaction of those who follow these practices.