The Benefits Of Drinking Clean Water Every Day

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The most popular beverage in the world is tea, a drink that originated in China and has since spread across the globe. Not far behind it is coffee, a beverage that people have been consuming for thousands of years, and one that can boast plenty of health benefits, including a reduction in overall mortality, especially for women.

But at the end of the day, nothing quite beats clean water.

It’s one of the most abundant resources in the world and forms the basis for all life as we know it. It makes up the vast majority of our bodies, and without enough water, our cells simply aren’t able to function as they are meant to. Here we will look at the main benefits of swapping out other beverages and drinking water on a daily basis.

It Offers Better Energy

Most people would probably not realise that dehydration can set in in as little as 1% of lost fluid in the body, and while it can take more dehydration before a person really starts to feel it, there are still some symptoms that can affect a person’s life.

Energy levels are one of the most pertinent, and a person that hasn’t had enough water will most likely feel tired for most of the day. It can also cause painful headaches, and in one study, researchers found that 40% of participants were experiencing headaches due to dehydration. In general, a person should try and drink around 1.5 litres of water every day, but this can vary depending on their level of physical activity.

Helps With Weight Loss

Studies have found that drinking two glasses of cold water first thing in the morning can have a dramatic effect on the metabolism on the drinker. For those that are trying to lose weight, drinking more water is a legitimate way of helping along the journey. The extra resources needed to bring the body’s heat up after drinking water means burning up to 200 extra calories, and combined with the energy levels that water provides, it makes for a more effective method of acquiring energy over the course of the day without having to turn to unhealthy, sugary snacks.

Better Digestion

Water is needed to dissolve the nutrients that we take in when we eat, as it’s the most powerful solvent that we have in the world. A lot of nutrient value is completely lost when we eat while being under the effects of dehydration.

Improves Brain Function

The brain is mostly made out of water and fat, meaning that it requires both of those in order to function properly. Not getting enough water may result in a loss of concentration, as well as worse memory retention, great for work, reading, and keeping up with AFL betting in Australia.

Water is vital for just about every chemical reaction as well as the synthesis of the compounds within our bodies, and without it, our cells and their organelles simply can’t complete the tasks they need to.