Natural Food Choices For Your Pet’s Health

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Our pets are like family, giving us years of love, affection, loyalty, and companionship, and most of us what nothing but the best for them. When it comes to their dinnertime, we generally tend to take the easy route and give them regular dog food that comes in a tin or a bag. The problem here is that, while most of these foods are enough to keep our pet going, they aren’t always the healthiest choice around. In fact, many of them contain a mixture of unhealthy fats, salts, and sugars that can cause more harm than good in the long term.

To provide a healthier diet for our pets, it might be worth looking at alternative and healthier forms of food. Here we will look at more natural dietary choices that can benefit our beloved pets.

Organic, Free-Range Meat

Dogs and cats are technically classified as omnivores, much like us, because they have existed and evolved alongside us for thousands of years, and don’t rely on meat nearly as much as their wild ancestors. What that means is that they should have a diet that’s as varied as possible, but also one that contains enough meat to keep them in good condition. Meat can vary greatly in quality, from the bottom of the range chuck steak to expensive rib eye.

Feeding them something like chicken in brine might be the cheaper option, but it also means that they are getting more salt than they need. One way around this is to look for organic meat if possible. This might seem more expensive at first, but it’s also worth remembering that our pets don’t need as much meat as we’re led to believe, so cutting down on their portion while giving them better quality can make a big difference.

Whole Grains

Dogs in particular can benefit immensely from eating a range of different whole grains. From oats to sorghum to brown rice, it’s a good idea to try and include more whole grains in their diets wherever possible. It also makes for a cheaper method of feeding, especially considering that many whole grains tend to be fairly cheap to buy in bulk and should last a lot longer than simply going them dog biscuits or tinned food every day.


Eggs are a great way of getting a lot of nutrition into an animal’s diet, and unlike humans, eggs don’t need to be cooked first before being served, meaning the owner has extra time for work or enjoying the latest online casino in the Philippines. In fact, some studies have shown that raw egg can be beneficial to a pet, giving them access to amino acids, riboflavin, Vitamin B12 and A, iron, selenium, and other nutrients that they need in order to be at their peak.

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a healthy method of introducing a range of good acids into the diet of a pet. While only about a teaspoon is needed per meal, it won’t take long before an owner starts to notice that their pet is looking healthier, often with a shiny coat. This is especially noticeable in dogs, whose thyroids benefit greatly from eating coconut oil.