An Easy Guide To Making Incense Sticks At Home

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Incense sticks are a fantastic way of uplifting the general ambience of a space. From the pleasant aromas that they emit to the general positive vibe that people feel when having an incense stick going, there are a lot of reasons that a person might want to have them at home.

It might be tempting to buy them online or at the local store, but they can also be made at home fairly easily. One benefit of creating them at home is the use of better ingredients, as cheaper store-bought sticks can sometimes come coated in harmful substances. Here we will look at what it takes to create incense sticks at home with relative ease.

What’s Needed For The Sticks

The basic ingredients of a stick can be bought online, and they usually consist of the actual sticks themselves, as well as a method of keeping the incense stuck to the sticks, as well as the incense. There are a wide variety of different kinds of incenses to choose from, so it’s up to the creator’s discretion to find the incense that would suit them best.

Along with this, a measuring cup, whisk, tray, as well as a holder will be needed. Some people might have wooden incense stick holders at home, but these can be an unnecessary cost when the holders are easily made. This can be done by taking a small pot or bucket, filling it with sand, and adding the sticks to the sand. The bucket will catch the used ash while providing a stable base for the sticks to stand in while they’re burning, and it reduces the chances of any damage that might occur, which is something that can happen with normal, wooden holders.

How To Make Them

First, it’s important to get a hold of a substance that will allow the incense to adhere to the stick. One of the more popular choices here is Gum Arabic, which is easy enough to find with a bit of searching. The gum will need to be ground into a fine powder, which will then be added to about a cup of water, while stirring constantly. This will slowly become thicker than the water, but not so much that it retains the consistency of paste.

Once the mixture is ready, it needs to be poured on to the tray, and enough should be added that it can just cover around three quarters of the stick, although this can be changed depending on how much incense is available. Take the incense and sprinkle some in a line, making sure there is more than enough to coat the stick. With the stick covered in its adhesive, it can then be placed in the incense and gently rolled a few times until it’s properly covered.

Once it has been covered, the stick will need to sit for a few hours to give it time to fully dry, although depending on the weather, this can take much longer. When dry, the incense sticks are ready to be used, perfect for everything from yoga to meditation to spinning for lucky numbers and winning rewards.