Medicine for the Soul – Tips For An Island Holiday Getaway

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They say laughter is the best medicine, but even better medicine is a relaxing holiday. Holiday’s have amazing natural health benefits and lazing on sandy beaches with soft, warm breezes and the sun gently warming your skin is incredibly good for you. One week of this and you’ll feel like you’ve had the best medicine you can buy!

But before you book your next island getaway, ask yourself a couple of questions to ensure your retreat is relaxing and rejuvenating.

What Type Of Vibe Do You Want?

Decide what type of experience you want. Based on this, choose the location.

For example, Zanzibar has a very African flair owing to its Swahili origins. It was also the centre of the slave trade, which its capital – Stone Town – bears remnants of.

If you’re looking for a more cultural vibe, then why not head off to Mauritius or Thailand?

Mauritius is a multi-cultural society and the majority of their natives are descendants of the Indian people which can be seen in their cuisine, with curries being a staple – although they are not as spicy as their Indian descendants.

Venturing towards Asia, Thailand is the 50th-largest country in the world. From the hilly, lush landscapes to pristine white beaches and crystal-clear waters, Thailand is a dream venue for anyone wanting to get away from it all.

How Much Can You Spend?

The answer to this question is extremely important as if you want to go middle-of-the-road, costs wise, some destinations will be scratched off your list.

Saint Barthélemy – or ‘St Barts’ as it’s known among the people who frequent this destination – is an island in the Caribbean. If you really are desperate to see the island and are on a budget (not too-strict-a-budget), there are cheaper alternatives in terms of accommodation.

However, if money is no object and you fancy holidaying on that side of the globe, then St Barts is the way to go! The beaches on St Barts are out of this world.

What Do You Want To Do?

Do you want an active holiday or do you just want to lie next to the pool and soak up the sun? Do you want to windsurf, waterski and kayak? Is having Wi-Fi important to you so you can access Australian sports betting sites? How about TVs in your room?

So when you’ve decided on the location that you want to go to as well as how much you want to spend, have a look at the various amenities in the hotels which are in your price bracket. See if they tick off everything that you have on your list and if it doesn’t, decide on if it’s a dealbreaker.

When Are You Available?

All islands have peak times and low-season times. The Christmas period is usually their peak period. In addition, the weather is also great.

However, if you can afford to take time off in the middle of the year a lot of these islands have low-peak specials at these times.

There’s nothing more relaxing than an island holiday. Still, you can’t just hop onto the next plane without doing any type of research and also taking into account what you want to experience from your getaway and what will benefit your health and mindset the best.