Cleaning Up Your Digital Space

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The world is going through a mental health crisis at the moment. There are many reasons for this, but research has found that social media platforms have been a bit contributor to the increasing rates of depression and anxiety across the globe.

If you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious over the last year, part of the reason might be the habits that you’ve formed in your digital life. It makes more sense than ever to take the time to start cleaning up your digital space, and thankfully it can be done easily and quickly using the following tips and tricks.

Limit Or Delete Social Media

Social media was originally designed to be a means of communication with our friends and family, and to provide a place to store cherished memories. But that has changed over the last few years, and platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter have instead become large pushers of advertisement and controversy, and they can become a burden to those that suffer from mental health issues.

Research has found that sites such as Facebook are detrimental to our overall mental stability, which is why there has been a large push to try and limit social media usage, or even delete an account outright. Of course, this can depend on a person’s individual needs, but sometimes it’s worth doing to help combat depression.

Organise Your Files

It’s fairly common for a computer user to just dump their files all over their desktop, creating a large amount of clutter, often to the point where it can take ages to find the specific file or application that you’re searching for.

The amount of information that your brain needs to sift through can be exhausting. So, taking a few hours on an otherwise free day to go through your computer and sort out all of your files can take a bit of extra stress of your mind. It might not initially seem like something that would make a huge amount of difference but considering the amount of time that we spend on our devices these days, having a clean and uncluttered workspace can make life just that little bit easier.

There is no single fix for a mental health issue like depression, but rather small and incremental improvements that can eventually lead to breakthroughs over time.

Use A Password Manager

The ever-growing threat of online crime means that people need to be more diligent than ever when it comes to securing their accounts. Remembering a number of passwords all the time can be stressful, and it often leads to a person forgetting one password and having to reset it all over again, whether it’s for their bank or their account with

This process can be made much more streamlined by making use of a password manager. These can store passwords and other information, allowing you to keep your mind clear for other, important information. One of the best password managers in the world right now is Bitwarden, which costs around $10 a year and provides a range of various functions.