Winter Solstice | 2016

In Washington, DC Sagittarius rises and Saturn is conjoined the Sun in the first house. Saturn will continue in Sagittarius most of the year until next December when it enters Capricorn. Saturn is opposite the US Mars at 22 Gemini and square the US Neptune at 22 Virgo, which does not look good for the coming year with our new president threatening to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, the climate change agreement passed in Paris and other measures.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus and square the Pluto Mercury conjunction with Mercury retrograde. By the solstice, we will see what happens with the choosing of electors on December 19 when Mercury makes its retrograde station. No doubt there will be lots of delays in Christmas mail and packages.

December 21, 2016, 5:44 am EST

Mars is in the third house in Pisces conjoined the south node of the Moon and Neptune, as well as being semi-square Pluto. This seems to represent the cabinet choices of our President-elect with the emphasis on retired generals and heads of big corporations.

Moon in Libra in the tenth may indicate some strong female powers at work, as well as progressive movements afoot. (Elizabeth Warren seems to be playing a large part here.) The Moon is square the Sun and inconjunct the south node so our emotions may run strong at this season, though a Libra Moon brings some balance.

North node is in Virgo where it will continue until the end of April when it retrogrades in Leo. With Mercury retrograde and ruler of the seventh as well as the node ruled by Mercury, we will definitely face some challenges in our relations with other countries. This next season we need to be clear with our communications and be sensitive to the needs of those with whom we are in relationship.

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