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As the US heads towards Election Day, the super PACs and the prognosticators have never been so busy. Will the Republican party take the Senate, will we have run off elections in Louisiana where there are two Republicans running against incumbent senator Mary Landrieu; in Kansas where we have an independent candidate running, and in Georgia where there is a Libertarian running against incumbent Michelle Nunn who is a Democrat and her Republican opponent, Dan Perdue.

To gain some perspective, lets examine some of the charts. In the chart of the US (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA), Pluto has been making a semi square to our Moon, which continues through December. Our terror alert was raised after the shooting at the Canadian parliament on Oct 22. Our president’s popularity is very low; fears are rampant about Ebola and ISIS, though both are many continents away. On November 9 and 10, Mars in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, which can indicate some aggression and violence. Saturn will oppose the US Moon as well from Nov 20-29 and this will no doubt be the delay in election results. To increase the anxiety and tension, rebellious Uranus is squaring the US Cancer sun from Oct 12-Nov 8. We have had shootings at a school in Washington, explosion this past week of the space shuttle, the Virgin Galactic, with one pilot killed and the other in serious condition. Might this Uranus transit also indicate the take over of the Senate by the Republicans?

Democratic Party's chart. Click to enlarge.
Democratic Party’s chart. Click to enlarge.

In the horoscope of the Democratic party, (May 13, 1792 in Philadelphia at noon) Saturn is opposing the Taurus Sun and square to Pluto now and will oppose Mercury soon and then square the Moon at 28 degrees Aquarius which is conjunct the US Moon (if the noon time is correct). Delays and struggle can be seen with all these Saturn transits. Pluto is opposing Ceres which could mean the election results are not so good for the environment or maybe that the Tar Sands pipeline goes through.

Republican Party’s chart. Click to enlarge

In the chart of the Republican party (Feb 28, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin—Dave Roell did it for 9 PM as it was in a school house and had to take place after 3 PM) the Sun is conjoined Neptune and Venus retrograde in Pisces with Mars and Vesta opposing in Virgo and square the nodes. Sun conjunct Neptune may have been an idealistic beginning but seems to perpetuate a continual fog as to the direction the party has taken over the past years. The opposition to Mars also shows the tendency to war mongering. Natal Saturn is trine natal Jupiter/Chiron/Pallas but currently transiting Saturn is opposite natal Saturn which would also point to a delay in the election results. Transiting Chiron is on the Sun Neptune conjunction and the party is trying to heal its internal divisions between the tea party and the more moderate contingent. Neptune, however, is still square the nodes so it does not seem like the party platform will be coherent at this time. The Moon definitely is in Aries but the degree would depend on the exact time of birth as would the degree of the ascendant in Libra.

With both of these charts having strong Saturn transits, it may take a few months to determine some of the election results, so stay tuned.

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