“I have read many Astrology books over the past thirty years, and many of Marcia’s Starcks Astrology and Medical Astrology books as well, all of which I recommend.  I have always been impressed with Marcia’s knowledge and ability to articulate it in a concise and cogent manner.  This is probably why I asked her to be on my radio show “The Astrology Of Now With Reiki Rising” on Voice American in 2012, to which she graciously accepted.  There aren’t many people who can truly appreciate just how difficult it is to relate such complex information to others as though it were a “casual neighborhood conversation.”  Marcia’s unsurpassed knowledge regarding Astrology, Medical Astrology, Herbal Astrology etc is simply encyclopedic.  I know this because I have studied extensively with world renowned Astrologer Noel Tyl, Astrologer Glen Perry, and Marcia Starck is right there at the top of the list of respected and celebrated Astrologers.

I have taken Marcia’s Medical Astrology course and I recommend it to those who view Astrology as the truly wonderful science that it is, the course is highly informative, and she is easily accessible to any questions or information and always congenial and timely in her response.  I can’t say enough good things about Marcia, but I am so happy she decided to be on my radio show, it was one of my better decisions and it has deeply impacted my past, present and future!”

Curtis Williams  Morro Bay, CA

“I’ve been meaning to tell you that while I’ve been reading astrology for about 45 years and looking at charts off and on that whole time, under your guidance and our group my skills have sharpened so much.

I have an ex-neighbor whose life went all to hell a few weeks ago (she lives in AZ now) and I wanted to help her; and off and on for a week I sent her tidbits about her chart. And she told me repeatedly, several times that she was awed.

Because of our classes, I now see a chart in a whole new way. Like reading those Carlos Castenada books …

So thanks for teaching me so much.”

Judy, Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Your CD arrived today and I just finished listening to it. Thank you so much—the clarity that you were able to read about me through my chart was remarkable.  You were so correct on so many issues. Prior to listening to the CD I was actually corresponding with my doctor, agreeing to his recommendation that I take three weeks off following surgery, and completely rest from work. You also read my mind that I was beginning to feel a bit guilty about resting, recovering, and simply disconnecting from the busy world and allowing myself to heal. The amount of support I’m receiving from my friends and family right now can be described as abundant and the prayer support from so many is beyond plentiful and it really does feel good.

You were also very right about my childhood and I’ve buried those feelings hoping to never have to deal with them but recognizing from time to time that I must. I will work with Bril or others to address those issues as I feel I’m now ready to do so at this stage in my life. I’ve always helped everyone else in my life and it feels good to look forward to having others help me during my recovery and beyond and the offers of service are mounting. I will take your advice on being patient, prayerful and nurturing to myself and I will look at this surgery as being symbolic and cleansing.

You have a true gift and I’m so grateful that you shared that gift with me through this reading. I’m sending you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation and I hope to meet you one day soon.”

Loral, Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I went to the website for your Medical Astrology program and was so impressed. It is altogether so professional and easy to comprehend. You are so well-spoken and adept at explanations, linkages, insights and so forth. I do think this will be a huge thing in the future…”

Steven, Lincoln, Nebraska