Sample Horoscope

SampleHoroscope_finalThis is the horoscope of a male who was addicted to alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and suffered bouts of depression along with hypoglycemia. He also had hepatitis diagnosed a few years ago. This individual tended to “burn out” and was exhausted for days. His chart shows a preponderance in fire signs with five Leo planets, Moon and Vesta (an asteroid) in Aries, and Saturn and Ascendant in Sagittarius. Mars is square the nodes, signifying a very emotional energy, and along with the Aries Moon, a tendency to need adrenal support. An emphasis on the water houses, Cancer Sun, and angular Moon indicate an individual who is emotionally and spiritually sensitive. The grand fire trines with Uranus, Mercury, and Mars in Leo; Moon in Aries; and Saturn in Sagittarius bring forth a very creative side. However, Mercury, Mars and Uranus conjoined suggest a highly charged nervous system. Jupiter is the only planet in an earth sign, Virgo, and it is square the Ascendant, indicating possible problems with the liver and pancreas ruled by Jupiter. Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter’s sign, also indicates restrictions with the liver and pancreas as well as potential problems with his lungs and respiratory system.

Along with stopping alcohol and smoking, this individual was put on a cleansing diet of vegetables, lots of dark green leafy ones, whole grains excluding wheat to which many people are allergic and fresh fish. Fruit was eliminated as his body was extremely acid and his blood sugar low. He was also given the following supplements-aloe vera juice and psyllium husks for cleansing the colon, liquid chlorophyll for cleansing his liver and providing a source of magnesium, magnesium asporotate, bioflavonoid capsules for more oxidation and the immune system, chromium for his blood sugar, as well as organic pancreas and adrenal glandulars.

He was referred to colonic therapy and deep massage work as well as acupuncture for his liver and pancreas.

In time, he was given golden seal leaf herb to cleanse his liver and later some dandelion root, mullein and coltsfoot for his lungs along with marshmallow root. His morning coffee was replaced by the Chinese herb fo ti, which is an adrenal stimulant, and helped him so much that he took a thermos of this to work every day.

Later, with some sessions that worked with his emotions and childhood patterning, he was given the homeopathic remedy, Staphysagria, which is also indicated for the liver, and various flower remedies. He also worked with crystals, particularly those of a deep blue and purple hue to calm his nervous system.