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zodiacbodyblueMarcia, working with Astrology-U™, has adapted her correspondence course as an eLearning experience.  It is now a visual as well as an auditory presentation; and it has been enhanced with questions and a quiz to reinforce the lessons. Students are enrolled for six months, and can extend that period by contacting Astrology-U.

In addition to her eLearning course, Marcia also offers webinars on intermediate level topics. Contact Marcia or sign up to receive Astrology-U’s newsletter for information about upcoming webinars and additional courses.

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Forming now:

“I cannot begin to tell you how beautiful it is to have you as a teacher, one of the preeminent astrologers of our time. You are real, not a gasbag like some, you care and you have a passion for this science of astrology like mine.”

Curtis  Williams,

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“I went to the Astrology-U website for your Medical Astrology program and was so impressed. It is altogether so professional and easy to comprehend. You are so well-spoken and adept at explanations, linkages, insights and so forth. I do think this will be a huge thing in the future…”
Steven McFadden, Chiron Communications, author of Call of the Land, Native Knowings