Libra Ingress | Fall Equinox

autumn-CC-no-attribThe Sun moves into Libra on September 23 at 4:20 AM EDT in Washington, DC. Fall Equinox this year takes place between two eclipses on September 13 and 27 and also during a Mercury Retrograde cycle.

In Washington, Mars rises in Leo and inconjuncts a Capricorn Moon as well as squaring Saturn. When Congress resumes on September 8, there are a lot of fireworks that are going to happen. The bill to defund Planned Parenthood is on the table and this is connected to the budget and the possibility of closing down the government. The Iran Nuclear agreement is going to get more heat as the time for its passage gets closer.

Venus is also in Leo and is in the twelfth house. It does trine Uranus but makes a wide inconjunct to Pluto indicating womens’ issues may again be a topic of concern. Relationships may undergo some strong transformations at this time, especially if either of the eclipses are aspecting one or both of the partners’ charts.

There is a lot of energy toward relationships as the Libra Sun conjoins the north node in Libra and Mercury is retrograde in Libra as well. The Sun sextiles Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius so there is some accomplishing of new projects. However, the Moon conjoins Pluto indicating many emotional challenges on the horizon both for individuals and also for the United States, as the Moon here is on the US’ natal Pluto.

In the horoscope for the European Union (November 1, 1993, 12:01 AM, Brussels, Belgium) Uranus is opposing natal Venus and Venus in the Ingress chart is square natal Mercury so the migrant crisis seems to loom large with no easy solutions. Jupiter in Virgo in the Ingress chart does conjoin Chiron in the EU chart, perhaps bringing a ray of hope to a very complex issue.

Jupiter opposing Neptune here may point to certain illusions in our relationships with other countries since Neptune is in the 7th house for Washington, DC. It also may indicate issues coming up in the health and medical worlds that have not been resolved, perhaps with Obamacare. Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces can be idealistic and the Paris Summit on climate change is due to happen the end of September.

This equinox season will certainly bring many upheavals as we keep dancing to different rhythms through the new moon eclipse in Virgo and the full Moon eclipse in Aries.



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