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Lecture & Workshop Tapes by Marcia available through Sun Recording Service

The Language and Practice of Medical Astrology – Workshop at Cheshire Rose Books, 4/29/00, 3 tapes, 3 handouts, Tape ID: STA1008. $24.95. Marcia reviews the language of Medical Astrology-signs, planets, houses and their physiological correlations. Material includes a study of certain midpoints and midpoint combinations. The workshop concludes with an examination of several horoscopes, how to synthesize the various chart factors, and provide recommendations for healing.

An Overview of Medical Astrology – Lecture at Cheshire Rose Books, 4/28/00, 2 tapes, 1 handout, Tape ID: STA1007. $12.05. Marcia examines the history of Medical Astrology from its earliest beginnings and how it is being used currently both as a diagnostic tool and in combination with preventive medicine including nutrition, herbs, homeopathy, and other therapies. (No technical knowledge of astrology is required).

Hands on Medical Astrology – Lecture for San Francisco NCGR, 5/9/00, 2 tapes, 3 handouts, Tape ID: STA1009. $12.25. Marcia shares her approach to Medical Astrology as a result of thirty years experience. She includes information on astrological patterns for various diseases and imbalances, and ways of working with and healing these imbalances.

Earth Mother Astrology – Workshop, 2 tapes San Francisco NCGR, 11/19/86, 2 tapes, 1 handout, Tape ID: STA1001. $12.05. Attuning our bodies to earth rhythms; use of herbs, gem stones, color, vitamins and minerals.

AIDS Research Report – AFAN conference, 1985, 1 tape, Tape ID: STA1003. $8.95. Marcia looks at both psychological and physiological similarities characteristic of many AIDS patients. She then correlates these with sample horoscopes.

Cancer Case Studies – NCGR Conference San Francisco, 9/21/85, 1 tape, 2 handouts, Tape ID: STA1004. $10.15. Cancer patients share some similar psychological problems as well as physical imbalances. This talk looks at these traits in terms of astrological patterns and relevant healing modalities.

General Medical Indicators in the Horoscope – NCGR Conference San Francisco, 9/20/85, 1 tape, Tape ID: STA1005. $9.95. Marcia looks at the various health indicators in the natal horoscope. Signs and their polarities, planets, elements, qualities, T-squares and other configurations are discussed in terms of their physiological and psychological manifestations.

Transits from a Medical Perspective – South Bay Astrological Society, San Jose, 11/20/88, 2 tapes, Tape ID: STA1006. $11.95. Marcia looks at the effects of transiting planets upon an individual’s health.

Crystals and Gems – South Bay Astrological Society, San Jose, 11/16/86, 2 tapes, Tape ID: STA1002. $11.95. Marcia first discusses crystals and gems in general, then addresses specific astrological uses, planetary associations, and how to effectively use them with astrology.

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