Honoring Jeff Jawer

Marcia and Jeff at UAC2008
Marcia and Jeff at UAC2008

One of the most accomplished and loving astrologers has left this planet on February 10, 2015. Jeff will always be with us through his teachings and his immense love for astrology and his astrological colleagues throughout the world.

I first met Jeff in May 1978 at Ray Merriman’s ARC (Aquarian Revelation Center) conference at Colombiere College in Michigan. Jeff and his then partner Sheryl were my bathroom mates (shared bathrooms in the dorm was the way things were set up.) So from the beginning, we shared deep astrological discussions but also a lot of humor (we had to schedule our showers etc) and heartfelt experiences. Jeff invited me to teach at the Daily Planets in Atlanta, a store which he and David Railey owned. I taught there twice and stayed with Jeff and Sheryl. We both acknowledged Dane Rudyhar and his writings as our main influence on our astrological work. In Atlanta, we shared so many good times besides our teaching, that Jeff and Sheryl decided to move to San Francisco. I was living in Marin County so our friendship grew deeper. At some point, I moved to Nevada City to be in the mountains for a while and a woman there offered to teach me Uranian Astrology in exchange for Medical Astrology. Jeff got very upset with me, the only time I remember his doing this. He felt I would be making Astrology too complex if I used the trans-Neptunian planets. I assured him that I was just learning all I could about astrology (having a Gemini Moon opposite Mercury) and would not confuse my clients with too many extra planets. Jeff liked to keep things simple and our discussions were very psychologically oriented.

In time, Jeff moved to France to polish his French and of course there he met lovely Danick and married her. He sent me photos of both girls, Laura and Lyana, when they were born and years later, when I was living in Santa Fe, in 1995, the whole family stayed with me on their way to San Diego from Atlanta to relocate. He again shared with me that he was upset by so many astrologers using asteroids and other bodies and not focusing on the basics. Spending time with the whole family was great and the girls made beautiful drawings that they put on my refrigerator. At one ARC conference, along with Jim Lewis and Angel Thomson and others, we started AFAN as an organization that would recognize astrology as a profession.

The rest of his story will be told by Rick Levine and others as he moved from San Diego to Seattle and began work with Star IQ, writing many books as well as travel all over the world. In April of 2014, he was in Santa Fe for a conference with Danick and we spent a wonderful day together, again sharing our heritage from Dane Rudyhar and how we were trying to keep astrology to the basics. My last dinner with Jeff was at the recent ISAR conference at Wild Horse Pass. When Danick wrote me about his having lung cancer in January, I was very sad and did not want him to suffer. With his innate knowledge, he chose not to have chemotherapy, and to show us his deep Scorpionic wisdom in gracefully passing to other realms where he will still be teaching us, though we will miss his wonderful hugs!

Imbolc 2015

 Dear Jeff,
On this day of the Goddess Brigid,
goddess of music and poetry,
when the first stirrings of spring
fill the air,
when trees start to recover their leaves,
when the grass begins to green again.
You, Jeff Jawer, have chosen
to leave the planet.
You, a sensuous Taurus
who loves the earth,
your beautiful wife and daughters,
your many friends.
Now you will journey
to explore other realms,
to teach astrology in the heavenly spheres.
We honor your decision,
and bless your journey.
We will miss your smiling face,
your open heart, your humor,
but we know that Paradise
will be richer with your presence
and the stars will certainly shine brighter.

 Love Marcia


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