Fall Equinox | 2016

autumn-CC-no-attribLooking at the chart for the Fall Equinox for Washington, DC, we see Scorpio rising with a Venus Hygeia conjunction in the twelfth house of this chart opposite Uranus and Eris in the sixth. Does this conjunction refer to a woman in the White House for the next cycle? Juno is also near the ascendant which could refer to Hillary as well. Hillary’s role is no doubt getting women in the White House just as Obama’s was to break that barrier for blacks.

The Sun is conjoined Jupiter in the eleventh house square Mars in Sagittarius in the second. This certainly refers to the frequent violence all over the country; New Jersey and New York recently as well as Minnesota, Charlotte and other places. Cities are having riots and people have been camped out for weeks protesting the pipe line in the Dakotas.

Mercury conjoined the node and opposite Neptune does not bode well for the presidential debates and the third party candidates have been left out which is nothing new in this country. The theme is also reiterated in the Gemini Moon opposite Saturn. Pluto trine Mercury does help the situation and may be helping to transform the progressive movement with Bernie Sanders who is still out there working on college tuition and against the corporate interests.

Ceres in Taurus near the descendant also brings up the huge issue of climate change and emphasis in this country on agricultural reforms, with trying to let go of chemicals and other noxious pesticides.

Personally, this could be a time of great expansion and a time to look deeply into our issues with Scorpio ascendant.

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