Klimt_HygeiaNatal Astrology – This includes a complete analysis of the natal chart, stressing the natal potential as well as psychological and transpersonal aspects.
One hour consultation – $150.

Progressed Astrology – Our lives change every year, and Astrology shows this by a system known as Secondary Progressions and also by Transits, the movements of the daily planets. Understanding these cycles will help you to understand your focus and direction for the next year.
One-hour consultation – $150.

Natal and Progressed Astrology
Combination of both sessions – one and a quarter hour consultation – $175.

Complete Health Consultations – Based on an analysis of the astrological horoscope, the psychological and transpersonal aspects are combined with nutritional and dietary information, vitamin and mineral supplements, herbs, and other recommended therapies. Marcia also employs radiesthesia, the science of dowsing, to check out the body organs and the particular herbs and supplements as well as doses required.
One and a quarter hour consultation – $235. 

Relationship Astrology – This type of consultation shows how others that are significant in our lives compare with us. Chart comparison or Synastry shows the planets and angles of one chart around the other chart. A composite chart is a chart done of a relationship, two or more people, and it shows the combined energy flow. It is also subject to progressions and transits.
Comparison and Composite with one-hour consultation – $200.

Astro*Carto*Graphy Consultations – Astrology is based not just on time but space. Various locations where certain planets are angular may benefit our business, our love life, or just be an enjoyable place to visit. Other locations work well as our permanent residence. Some choose to have Astro-mapping consultations for re-location; others for travel or business connections.

  • Set of World Maps
    This includes your natal, progressed, and transiting world maps as well as geodetic maps with a one-hour consultation – $200.
  • Set of US Maps
    This includes your natal, progressed, and transiting US maps as well as the geodetic map with a one-hour consultation – $200.

Electional Charts for Surgeries, Health Procedures, Business Openings or Weddings – Finding the right time for a procedure can be extremely helpful. I work with the astrological energies of the day in addition to the transits on one’s chart.

All consultations are put on CD and mailed along with the charts within a few days. Payments can be made through Paypal or by Personal Check.

For more information or to schedule a session, contact Marcia at

“Your CD arrived today and I just finished listening to it. Thank you so much—the clarity that you were able to read about me through my chart was remarkable.  You were so correct on so many issues… You have a true gift and I’m so grateful that you shared that gift with me through this reading. I’m sending you my heartfelt thanks and appreciation and I hope to meet you one day soon.”

Loral, Albuquerque, New Mexico