weddings2A wedding ceremony is special and the timing of it can be important in terms of the planetary aspects that day which will provide the most harmonious situation for the couple. There are also practical aspects to consider like the weather and a convenient time for the people attending.

The most challenging wedding I performed in 2010 was in early March here in Santa Fe for a couple who wanted an outdoor ceremony and had the use of a small house for the reception with a fire circle outdoors since the house could not hold many people. They wanted the ceremony to be at a specific spot along the river about a mile from the house. I did the ceremony chart for 3 PM in the afternoon as that seemed the most harmonious time. I had never been to the place on the river and was not aware of when the sun would hit it. However, from about 3-4:30, the spot was bathed in sunshine. We were able to take off our heavy winter coats and enjoy the ceremony while basking in the sun!

Since I do work with astrology, I do recommend an electional chart to be set up for a wedding if possible. The chart set for the day and time can be for the given month or days chosen. I also work with the chart of the two individuals to see how the planets aspect their own charts. Cost for the chart work is $150.

For planning the ceremony, usually there are two sessions with the couple, the first to discuss what type of ceremony they want and how much they themselves want to write as part of the ceremony, and the second to go over the whole order-what I will do and what they will say. Including the ceremony itself, the cost for this is $250. For ceremonies outside Santa Fe, travel expenses should be included.

Crone Rites of Passage

This is a popular ceremony for women when they have completed menopause. I have written a chapter on this in my book. Women’s Medicine Ways.

Some women wait and choose to do it at their 60th birthday or another time in their lives; any time is appropriate. Doing a ceremony for a group of women is also possible and I did this in California at Isis Oasis at the time of All Hallows.

I usually have at least one session with the woman and any of her friends that are involved before the ceremony. Cost of the ceremony and preparations is $150-$200.

Seasonal Ceremonies

Candlemas2It is important to acknowledge the cycles of the seasons as well as the four cross quarter days-Imbolc, Beltane, Lammas, and All Hallows. I conduct ceremonies for these either at our womens kiva or at my home depending on time of day and weather. For Equinox and Solstice ceremonies and ceremonies at cross quarter days, women bring drums and rattles and some food for a pot luck as well as any songs they wish to share.

A contribution of $10 is asked or any amount that one can afford.