“I have read many Astrology books over the past thirty years, and many of Marcia’s Starcks Astrology and Medical Astrology books as well, all of which I recommend. I have always been impressed with Marcia’s knowledge and ability to articulate it in a concise and cogent manner… There aren’t many people who can truly appreciate just how difficult it is to relate such complex information to others as though it were a “casual neighborhood conversation.” Marcia’s unsurpassed knowledge regarding Astrology, Medical Astrology, Herbal Astrology etc is simply encyclopedic…”

Curtis Williams Morro Bay, CA

MedAstroMedical Astrology: Healing for the 21st Century
$22.00 plus shipping

This book includes Marcia’s knowledge, based on over thirty years experience, of medical astrology and healing. There are 8 chapters on the basic principles in medical astrology, including the asteroids and Chiron. The other 17 chapters deal with various disease syndromes. New material comprises research on AIDS, Altzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, MS, ADD, Bipolarity, and Schizophrenia. Each of these chapters contains 2 or more case histories, along with recommendations for treatment and supplements. Also in the book are six appendices, including astrological birth control, decumbiture charts, and the anatomical meaning of zodiacal degrees translated from the German by the late Mary Vohryzek.

“Marcia Starck’s book is truly a blessing of green medicine for our millennium. I believe Hermes Trismegestus himself would be jubilant over this contribution to the most practical of the esoteric healing arts. Especially appreciated is the comprehensive way the asteroids ( in particular Hygeia) are integrated into medical astrology. I heartily recommend this book for all astrologers, as well as anyone interested in the subtle science of health.”

Jeannine Parvati Baker, author of Hygeia: A Woman’s Herbal, and with Frederick Baker,
Conscious Conception: Elemental Journey through the Labyrinth of Sexuality.

HealingWithHealing With Astrology
Published 1997 by The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA, $14.95

The original title of this book was Earth Mother Astrology, published by Llewellyn in 1989. It is still in print under this title in German (Schneelowe Verlag Publications) and in Portuguese (Editora Pensamento, Brazil). This book details the relationship between Astrological signs and planets with various healing modalities. After a few basic chapters on astrology and the meaning of signs, planets, and houses, there are chapters on Vitamins and Minerals, Herbs, Crystals and Gems, Flower Essences, Color Healing, Music, and Aromatherapy. There is also a chapter on how to work with an astrological chart with two case histories. The last chapter discusses various rituals for the New and Full moons in each sign. It is also published in Italian under the title, Guarire Con Astrologia, (Edizioni El Punto). and in India by B.Jain.

AstroKeyAstrology, Key to Holistic Health
Published 1982 by Seek-It Publishers, West Bloomfied, MI, $12.95

A basic text, this book has been used by many for teaching Medical Astrology. In the first few chapters the physiological meanings of the signs and planets are discussed giving the reader a sound vocabulary. There is a chapter on Midpoints and Midpoint combinations considered physiologically as well as on Progressions and Transits. The remaining chapters encompass various diseases such as Allergies and Asthma, Diabetes and Hypoglycemia, Arthritis, Cancer, etc. The disease is explained physiologically with suggestions on natural treatments, and then the astrological data follows including several case histories with transits, progressions, eclipses, and other data.

UnravelingUnraveling the World
$18.00 plus shipping

Creating this book, Unraveling the World, has been for me like weaving a tapestry.

Unraveling the World includes poems about events I have witnessed– the world falling apart or being torn apart by wars, earthquakes, volcanoes, and other traumatic events. I wrote these poems to express my indignation and sorrow as well as to commiserate with the victims. They must not be forgotten and through my words, I honor our common humanity.

Traveling the World is comprised of poems about my travels. I have been inspired by beautiful landscapes, stimulating people, and contact with other cultures. These poems reflect my feelings toward the world around me.

Friends I Have Traveled With are elegies. All of the people in this section have left their physical bodies. As I weave this section of the tapestry, I call in their spirits and acknowledge their presence in my life.

In Reweaving the World I have tried to weave the strands back together. The Muse calls me to weave words that uplift and transform. As our world expands in awareness, we see that we are all woven into one beautiful work of art.

In Marcia Starck’s Unraveling the World, a tender restless spirit travels in a world need of “unraveling” in order to find the threads that bind us. With chant and refrain, the poet gathers these scattered threads of our lives-from countries of war and disaster, the land of her beloved dead, the gardens she tends, and other sacred places. We may ask, is it song that ravels and unravels, weaves the world where we come together in harmony?

Elaine Maria Upton author, Children of Apartness and other poems

Here are poems given to us from a master weaver of hopes, dreams, and memories who “dances for peace while the world is unraveling.” Marcia Starck creates a loom of words, examples for us to recreate our own world of hopes, dreams, and memories. Marcia has woven an intimate tapestry, the work of a poet, a landscape “where we can build our sanctuary and gaze at the stars.”

James McGrath author, At the Edgelessness of Light Speaking with Magpies Dreaming Invisible Voices


DancingFrontDancing Through Time
$19.95 plus shipping

“When I look back at my life and scan the pages of my Memoir, I recall so many joyous and uplifting experiences. I also see the shadows, those times of darkness, those times of surrender,” states Marcia Starck at the conclusion of her memoir, Dancing Through Time.

This memoir is not only a recollection of her life’s journey, but a recollection of the transmutation of her life as she struggles with her own challenges. From the poignant descriptions of her Jewish childhood, she ventures into the world of school and work as she searches for her life’s calling and encounters her own shadow. After she discovers the tools of astrology to explain human beings and human destiny, she begins a quest for healing and understanding. Her adventures as she studies alternative healing, ritual and sacred ceremony, meets fascinating people, and practices her life’s work as a Medical Astrologer, take us all over the globe. Marcia entertains us with meetings of famous personalities in astrology such as Dane Rudyhar and Marcia Moore as well as renown poets such as Robert Frost and Louis Simpson. She then delves into her own creativity to provide a rhythm for her dance of joy and sorrow. She invites us with clear, vivid prose to dance with her, to appreciate the interweave of light and darkness, within us and in the wider world around us.

Wendy Brown-Baez author Celebrations of the Spirit


HandbookNaturalHandbook of Natural Therapies – Exploring the Spiral of Healing
Published by The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA, 1998, $16.95, out of print but available from Marcia Starck

Parts of this book were published as The Complete Handbook of Natural Healing by Llewellyn in 1991. That book is still available in Portuguese (Editorial Estampa, Lisbon) and Polish (Wydawnictwo Astrum). Handbook of Natural Therapies is divided into three parts: Vibrational Therapies which includes the seven chakras, Color therapy, Music and Sound therapy, Crystals and Gems, Vibrational Body-work, and Homeopathy; Therapies for the Mind, Emotion, and Spirit which includes Mental and Spiritual Therapies (Meditation, Biofeedback, Hypnosis, Transpersonal Psychology, Reichian therapy, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Techniques), Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic Medicine; and Therapies to Cleanse and Balance the Physical Body which includes Cleansing, Metabolism and Diet, Herbology, Bodywork Therapies, Exercise, and Diagnostic Techniques. The Introduction consists of an explanation of the spiral of healing and the work of Paracelsus.

Women'sMedWaysWomen’s Medicine Ways – published by The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA, 1993, $12.95

Women’s Medicine Ways presents material from many cultural traditions as a way to learn about birthing, puberty, marriage, menopause, crossing over, and other rites of passage. The opening chapter introduces the implements of ritual such as drums, rattles, altars, smudging, casting circles. There is also a chapter on ceremonies for various phases of the Moon as well as a chapter on rituals for Equinoxes, Solstices, and Cross Quarter days such as All Hallows. Herbs and natural remedies for women are included in the chapters on Puberty, Birthing, and Menopause.

DarkGoddessThe Dark Goddess – Dancing with the Shadow
ith Gynne Stern, published by The Crossing Press, Freedom, CA, 1993. $16.95,
out of print but available without the cover from Marcia Starck

This book is in print in Spanish, Danzando con la Sombra (Gaia Ediciones). In The Dark Goddess, myths of various goddesses are utilized as Kali, Pele, Inanna, Lilith, Medusa, Sekhmet, and Hecate in order to bring out certain psychological qualities hidden in the female shadow. Each chapter describes one myth as well as discussing the psychological qualities with which it relates. In addition, there is a ritual for dealing with the specific qualities as well as personal experiences by each author.

DarkGodThe Dark God – Exploring the Male Shadow
ublished by Earth Medicine Books, Santa Fe, NM, $15.50

The Dark God presents myths of various gods such as Dionysus, Hephaestus, Ares, Zeus, Hades, and the Horned God to exemplify the male shadow found in both women and men. A discussion of the female and male shadow is found in the Introduction. Each chapter describes one myth and its relation to the male shadow. In addition, there is a ritual in each chapter for dealing with these qualities. The personal experiences of two men, Barton Stone and Rick Ramirez, are also included.

TurningThe Turning Wheel
Published 2004, $15.00.

The Turning Wheel is Marcia Starck’s first collection of poems. The volume is a poetic response to the changes in the world and represents the best of the writer’s work over an extended time period.

Poet Miriam Sagan says of this volume:“These poems are a mystical appreciation of the world around us. They sing and dance through the seasons. By turns political, contemplative, and personal they take the reader through the cycles of nature and the heart.”

Marcia’s poems appear in Dancing Between Worlds, poems by Word Dancers, and in various publications.

As an astrologer and one who facilitates rituals, Marcia shares her knowledge of natural cycles as well as her sensitivity to world events in her poetry.

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