Cosmic Influences for 2015



This new cycle holds a lot of changes in planetary positions as well as some completion of aspects that have been happening over a long period of time.


Our seventh Uranus Pluto square is exact on March 16, which means we will feel it for quite a while. At its inception in 2010, we had the Arab spring in Egypt and Tunisia first and revolutions for democracy happened in these countries. However, the Uranian energy was just that, sporadic and violent, but Pluto, ruling the plutocracy, greed, and power has prevailed. Egypt still has a president allied with the military, since its first democratic elected president, Mohammad Morsi, was ousted. The occupy movement in the US also was strong but that too has fizzled out.

On January 7, 2015, twelve people were killed in Paris in the offices of the paper, Charlie Hebdo, which had printed cartoons satirizing the prophet Mohammed. The killers were Jihadists, two brothers who had fought in Iraq.

Al Queda in Yemen claimed responsibility for it. ISIL, another jihadist group of Sunni Muslims, announced this past June that it was becoming a caliphate that would reach throughout the Arab world. It is getting many new recruits from Europe as well as from the Middle East.The US, along with several European and Arabic partners, has been bombing ISIL in Iraq and Syria for several months. We are being told that this will be a long and protracted war. Bombing does not seem to solve the problem at all as then we have more retaliation like the attack in Paris. The Uranus Pluto square has an orb of several degrees, so we may not see the end of it this calendar year.


Saturn completed its transit of Scorpio and moved into Sagittarius on Dec 23, 2014 but it retrogrades back to Scorpio in June and then moves into Sag permanently on September 17. We are in the last or waning square of Jupiter and Saturn now. Jupiter rules expansion and progressive values; Saturn is the old conservative structures which society holds onto. This energy was seen in the Mid term elections of 2014 in the US as more conservative Republicans triumphed over Democratic progressives. However, many progressive measures such as gay marriage, medical marijuana, and abortion rights were successful. This last quarter square is exemplified in what we are seeing on television. The wildly popular series Dontown Abbey shows how Lord Grantham tries to hold on to his old aristocratic values while the new socialist ideas in the 1920’s begin to take hold. Under this last phase, we also had the Ebola virus erupt in West Africa. The Ebola epidemic is in the three poorest countries in Africa in which there were civil wars and little health infrastructure. Although the exact square is not until August with Jupiter at 28 Leo and Saturn in 28 Scorpio, we have been in this last quarter phase, and the lessons of Ebola are certainly related to the disparity between rich and poor countries. Dane Rudyhar refers to the last quarter square as a “crisis in consciousness”.

Saturn also squares Neptune in Pisces this year. Neptune, which has been in Pisces, relates to our deep subconscious drives. It rules our dreams and visions as well as illusions. The world has been operating under several illusions about climate change and our water resources. Despite the researches of many scientists, some people still do not believe that climate change is related to the burning of fossil fuels and our carbon footprint. There have been many summits to discuss this issue and the US still lags behind in its commitments to lower our output. Utilizing more alternative sources of energy such as solar heating and wind power should see some increase this year as Saturn makes us more aware of how little time we have to change things.


Neptune in Pisces, along with Chiron, also relates to the immune system and with Jupiter entering Virgo in August, we may see some new advances in the medical field, possibly a vaccine for Ebola as well. Jupiter will oppose Neptune in September and Chiron in November. This opposition may bring an examination of various philosophical and religious issues, and perhaps some awareness of how many politicians are using strict interpretations of religious philosophies to interpret laws. This year will witness some legal cases in certain states of the US who have ruled against gay marriage, as well as the testing of Roe vs Wade and abortion laws. In Europe, there will be an examination of certain laws that prohibit the wearing of the headscarf or hijab for women in France and other countries.


Venus retrogrades this year and will be retrograde for six weeks, which happens every year and a half. She retrogrades in Leo on July 25 and conjuncts the star Regulus. When Venus retrogrades, she asks us to look at our relationships; how do we experience love. What do we need to change? Sometimes we feel a lack of self love or lack of love from friends and partners. We also need to reexamine our values and what our priorities are. This year Venus will conjunct Mars three times which is the sacred marriage or “hierogamos”. Can we unite those parts of ourself and have our own inner sacred marriage? Venus will be retrograde from July 25 –September 6. She conjuncts Mars on February 22, September 1 and March 3, three opportunities to look at our inner marriage. On August 21 she reappears as a morning star after a period of invisibility. This is known as her heliacal rising when she comes back from the underworld.


The nodes of the Moon move backward through the signs and their cycle is 19 years. The nodes have been in Aries and Libra throughout 2014 and will continue there until some time in October when the north node shifts into Virgo. With the north node in Libra, we have been seeking fair judgments, balance in our personal and world relationships, and more compassion. The south node in Aries suggests we let go of focusing on self and combativeness. For a few months, the south node has been conjunct the planet Uranus which has certainly brought more upheaval in the world. This conjunction will move out of orbs after January. The north node in Virgo should usher in a more healing and service oriented energy whereas the south node in Pisces will enable us to let go of old emotional attachments and feelings of victimization. With both Jupiter and the north node in Virgo, the second part of the year focuses on strong healing energies.


The eclipse cycles move with the nodes and this years eclipses highlight the Aries/Libra polarity as well as the Virgo/Pisces one. Eclipses happen in pairs every six months. At New Moons we have a solar eclipse, whereas at full Moons we have a lunar eclipse. Eclipses highlight or focus on various subconscious issues when they aspect an important planet or angle in the chart. Their effect is often felt several weeks before and after the exact eclipse.

March 20-total solar eclipse at 29 degrees Pisces right before the spring equinox—This is in the last degree of the zodiac and brings with it a strong message of emotional release with an emphasis on prayer and meditation.

April 4-total lunar eclipse at 14 degrees Libra opposite Uranus and the south node and square Pluto. This is an intense eclipse with its connection to the Uranus Pluto square and will call for a lot of balance and diplomacy in the world. This eclipse is on Easter week end and the beginning of Passover.

September 13-partial solar eclipse at 20 degrees Virgo. This eclipse opposes Chiron, the planetoid connected to healing, while Jupiter in Virgo opposes Neptune in Pisces. Since this is also harvest season, this eclipse will focus on issues related to agriculture like GMO’s as well as to climate change, solar and wind energies, and new healing modalities.

September 27-total lunar eclipse at 4 degrees Aries. This eclipse conjoins the south node of the Moon and brings with it a combative spirit. Dealing with anger now will be in the spotlight as Mars, ruler of Aries makes a square to Saturn and opposes Neptune. September seems to be an intense month in 2015.


Mercury retrogrades three times a year for a 3 week period. Mercury retrograde cycles are times to review, redirect and refocus our energies. They can be very creative if we can quiet the mind by unplugging from media like cell phones, TV, and the Internet. These periods may cause disruptions in our communication and our devices of communication like computers, telephones, automobiles if Mercury is making challenging aspects to any of our planets or angles. In 2015, Mercury retrogrades in the air signs so the focus on communication is especially potent. These periods may offer time for writing in creative forms or meditating on things we want to change in our lives.

Mercury retrogrades in Aquarius from Jan 21-Feb 11; in Gemini from May 18-June 11, and In Libra from September 17-October 9.

In conclusion, 2015 can challenge us to be more grounded than usual, to take care of our bodies with Jupiter and the node entering Virgo, and to try to balance our nervous system as we get bombarded by more cell towers and stimuli.







Oligarchy or Democracy

United States Sibley chart
United States Sibley chart

When those with most of the money control our elections and where our country is moving, it is time to get on the band wagon of populist movements and raise our voices.

What happened in the mid term elections in 2014 is reflected in the chart of the United States and that of President Obama as well as in the chart of January 20, 2013 (which we are still under until we have a new president inaugurated in January of 2017).

For the past four years Uranus in Aries has been square to Pluto and we have seen Uranian energy of change and revolution in the Arab Spring, and more recently, overthrow of government in countries like Ukraine. On the other hand, the rise of corporate control and oligarchy are seen by Pluto in Capricorn. Also the increase of terrorist groups like Al Queda, Boko Haram in Nigeria, and now ISIL which is controlling swaths of Iraq and Syria are manifestations of Pluto (which rules the underworld and terrorism) square Uranus.

In the horoscope of the United States, Uranus has been square our Sun and opposite our Saturn while Pluto has been opposite our Sun and square Saturn. People are not satisfied with the situation in the government and they think that a change of political party will give them something better in terms of the economy, immigration, and other issues. However, the planet Saturn is also opposite the US Moon now and the Moon is the voice of the people expressed in the several populous movements like the Moral Majority. With a Republican House and Senate, Social Security, as well as Medicare and Medicaid will be threatened, not to mention more humane policies in immigration or moving to new forms of energy to stop climate change.

While Obamacare has helped many people, Obama is not given credit for any of this and the Republicans want to change and get rid of the plan.

Natal chart of Barack Obama
Natal chart of Barack Obama

Obama has had very challenging aspects to his chart with Saturn opposite his ascendant for a while and now square to his Uranus and the nodes of the Moon. No matter what he does, he is being criticized. For over a year, the planet Neptune has also been square to his Moon, so he seems to waver on his decisions and has not been strong enough in coming out for new immigration policies and against the Keystone pipeline. On the other hand, many young voters were disillusioned with some of the Democratic Senators running who criticized him and distanced themselves from him. (Katrina vanden Heuvel from the Nation mentioned this on MSNBC.)

The last chart I want to look at is the Inauguration chart for January 20, 2013 at noon in Washington, DC. This chart is relevant until the next presidential inauguration in 2017. Here the Moon in Taurus is conjoined the south node as well as the ascendant and in exact square to Mars in Aquarius in the 10th house. Saturn in Scorpio is also opposite the Moon in the sixth house (health care) and broadly square Mars. Strong conflict in the government, as well as delays in getting bills passed, are what this chart illustrates.

Chart for Inauguration of Obama on Jan 20, 2013
Chart for Inauguration of Obama on January 20, 2013

What is there to look forward to now for the US and when will it become less an oligarchy and more a democracy? In 2017 Uranus squares our natal Pluto at 27 degrees of Capricorn and by then we should have a number of revolutionary populist movements. In 2021and 2022, we have our first Pluto return and by then we might have a more populist movement in place.

Chart data
United States Sibley Chart, July 4, 1776, 5:10 LMT, Philadelphia, PA
Barack Obama, August 4, 1961, 7:24 pm AHST, Honolulu, HA Inauguration of Obama, January 20, 2013, Noon, Washington, DC



United States Elections

CCO Public Domain
CCO Public Domain

As the US heads towards Election Day, the super PACs and the prognosticators have never been so busy. Will the Republican party take the Senate, will we have run off elections in Louisiana where there are two Republicans running against incumbent senator Mary Landrieu; in Kansas where we have an independent candidate running, and in Georgia where there is a Libertarian running against incumbent Michelle Nunn who is a Democrat and her Republican opponent, Dan Perdue.

To gain some perspective, lets examine some of the charts. In the chart of the US (July 4, 1776, 5:10 pm, Philadelphia, PA), Pluto has been making a semi square to our Moon, which continues through December. Our terror alert was raised after the shooting at the Canadian parliament on Oct 22. Our president’s popularity is very low; fears are rampant about Ebola and ISIS, though both are many continents away. On November 9 and 10, Mars in Capricorn conjuncts Pluto, which can indicate some aggression and violence. Saturn will oppose the US Moon as well from Nov 20-29 and this will no doubt be the delay in election results. To increase the anxiety and tension, rebellious Uranus is squaring the US Cancer sun from Oct 12-Nov 8. We have had shootings at a school in Washington, explosion this past week of the space shuttle, the Virgin Galactic, with one pilot killed and the other in serious condition. Might this Uranus transit also indicate the take over of the Senate by the Republicans?

Democratic Party's chart. Click to enlarge.
Democratic Party’s chart. Click to enlarge.

In the horoscope of the Democratic party, (May 13, 1792 in Philadelphia at noon) Saturn is opposing the Taurus Sun and square to Pluto now and will oppose Mercury soon and then square the Moon at 28 degrees Aquarius which is conjunct the US Moon (if the noon time is correct). Delays and struggle can be seen with all these Saturn transits. Pluto is opposing Ceres which could mean the election results are not so good for the environment or maybe that the Tar Sands pipeline goes through.

Republican Party’s chart. Click to enlarge

In the chart of the Republican party (Feb 28, 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin—Dave Roell did it for 9 PM as it was in a school house and had to take place after 3 PM) the Sun is conjoined Neptune and Venus retrograde in Pisces with Mars and Vesta opposing in Virgo and square the nodes. Sun conjunct Neptune may have been an idealistic beginning but seems to perpetuate a continual fog as to the direction the party has taken over the past years. The opposition to Mars also shows the tendency to war mongering. Natal Saturn is trine natal Jupiter/Chiron/Pallas but currently transiting Saturn is opposite natal Saturn which would also point to a delay in the election results. Transiting Chiron is on the Sun Neptune conjunction and the party is trying to heal its internal divisions between the tea party and the more moderate contingent. Neptune, however, is still square the nodes so it does not seem like the party platform will be coherent at this time. The Moon definitely is in Aries but the degree would depend on the exact time of birth as would the degree of the ascendant in Libra.

With both of these charts having strong Saturn transits, it may take a few months to determine some of the election results, so stay tuned.

Summer Solstice Chart


Charts of Equinoxes and Solstices are also called Ingresses in Mundane Astrology as they are symbolic of what might lie ahead for the next three months. Often we do the chart for Washington, DC and sometimes for Greenwich, England as well as the locality in which we live.

The solstice chart for Washington, DC is set for 6:51 AM. It has 13 ½ Degrees Cancer rising, which is the degree of the US Sun. This puts Pluto on the seventh house cusp at 12 ½ degrees Capricorn. Pluto has been opposite our Sun for quite a while and the tension in Washington has grown even more intense in the past few weeks with the civil war in Iraq.

Mars in the Solstice chart is at 14 ½ Libra which is the degree of the US Saturn. Mars in Libra would like a peaceful solution to all conflicts but it is opposed by Uranus in Aries and squared by Pluto. Mars is in the 4th house of the chart, our home, conjoined Vesta, Ceres, and the north node, so the Libra theme is huge in terms of personal relationships and our relationships to other countries.

The extreme polarity in the US congress is shown by all these points in Libra opposite Uranus, the dwarf planet Eris, the Moon, and the south node in Aries. Recently, Eric Cantor, the house majority leader, lost his bid for re-election and just this week a new majority leader has been chosen. Some of the older Republicans in the Senate like John Mc Cain and Lindsay Graham are pushing for boots on the ground in Iraq and calling back the hawks in the Bush administration who got us into this war in the first place.

Cancer Ingress 2014, Washington DC. Click to enlarge image.
Cancer Ingress 2014, Washington DC. Click to enlarge image.

Eris was the goddess of discord and is next to the Moon, which also represents women and children. The abuse of women all over the world has increased with the recent rapes and hanging in India, and the taking of hundreds of girls from their school by Boko Haram in Nigeria. In the United States, there are thousands of children from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador in detention camps with small cells and barbed wire fences.

Mercury is retrograde in Gemini in the chart but it is exactly trine the Moon in the United States’ chart which should help with communications in our relations to other countries, though certain things may not get accomplished until Mercury turns direct on July 1.

Venus in Taurus is the only planet in earth signs. Venus is broadly opposite Saturn in Scorpio so her abundant Taurean nature may be somewhat diminished. We still have the grand trine with Saturn, Jupiter and Chiron in water signs, which help to balance all the tension of the cardinal oppositions and squares.

Neptune in Pisces is opposite Pallas Athena here; perhaps our social activism represented by Pallas will have a more spiritual dimension as we head into the summer months.

In summary, this is a very volatile chart for the Cancer ingress and will keep us working on relationships and asking us to stay balanced as we move into the heat of summer.

Photograph (c) Jim Larsen


Cosmic Influences for 2014

800px-LennonWallImagine_AdamZivnerThis next year is a challenging one and may be a wild ride for some of us. The horoscope for the New Year has a New Moon in Capricorn with the Sun, Mercury, Pluto and Venus there as well. All of these planets are opposed by excessive Jupiter and squared by revolutionary Uranus and aggressive Mars.

Uranus Pluto Square

The Uranus Pluto square has been active since 2011 and will continue through 2015. We had the Arab spring in Tunisia and Egypt followed by more violence in Egypt, ongoing war in Syria, violence in Afghanistan and Iraq, not to mention drones killing civilians in Pakistan, Yemen, and Somalia. Uranus wants freedom and is trying to overthrow the old order represented by the sign Capricorn where Pluto is now transiting. Pluto in Capricorn wants to re-structure governments but the results have been quite chaotic, especially in Egypt. Not only governments but corporations are being challenged. With the publication of Wikileaks in 2010 and Snowden’s revelations on the NSA spying in 2013, Uranus is bringing new energy to the old established institutions of patriarchal dominance.


When Mars entered the picture in December 2013, war in Anbar province in Iraq has been escalating with Al Qaida helping to foment hostilities between the Sunnis and Shias. Syria’s conflict has also been stepped up with several rebel groups fighting the government of Assad, as well as terrorist factions. South Sudan has been full of violent upheaval with sectarian groups opposing each other. The Central African Republic has also seen more fighting and blood shed in a conflict that began in December 2012. More bodies are being found and reports of rape, torture, and beheadings. Two suicide bombings in Russia occurred on December 29 and 30; more recently bodies have been found near Sochi, the place of the winter Olympics in February. In the US there was a fiery explosion when a train derailed spilling oil in North Dakota as well a huge fire in a building in Minneapolis January 1. Mars will be in Libra until July 28 and retrogrades from March 2 to May 20. Mars retrograde may signal embedded aggression that may not be obvious until it turns direct. Mars in the sign of Libra indicates challenges within personal relationships as well as challenges between countries.


Saturn completes its transit of Scorpio this year and enters Sagittarius the end of December. Saturn in Scorpio, along with the north node all through 2013, has turned up many secrets, especially with Edward Snowden’s disclosures about the NSA. These revelations have not only caused extreme concern in the US, but also in Europe and South America, where it was revealed that the cell phone of the German chancellor as well as spying on Brazil were leaked in NSA documents. President Obama is in process now of setting up new regulations for the NSA.


Neptune will move from 3 degrees of Pisces to 7 degrees in April where it retrogrades. Neptune in Pisces has brought forth many imaginative films, musical endeavors, and new combinations of poetry and music. Along with Chiron, which is also in Pisces, we have experienced the dissolution of old emotional energies, but also new developments in the healing field. Obama has had Neptune square his Gemini Moon for two years and it seems as though his major accomplishment, the Affordable Care act, has seen many glitches in its inauguration.


Venus retrograded in Capricorn the day of the winter solstice and will go direct January 31 at 13 degrees conjunct Pluto. Venus retrograde has allowed us to examine our material needs and values, discarding what is no longer appropriate. We have also looked at friendships and relationships that do not serve our needs. Venus retrograded within a degree of the US Pluto and one of the biggest issues the end of 2013 has been extending the unemployment benefits for many. Venus returns as morning star on January 17.


Jupiter has been in Cancer and will remain there until July when it enters Leo. During Jupiter’s transit of Cancer, we have seen many programs that advocate helping the poor and balancing out the huge discrepancy in the US between the 1 % and the 99 %. Unfortunately, our Congress has been too divided to enact programs that will help, and instead has been cutting food stamp allotments and unemployment benefits as well. With the US Sun in Cancer, we should be more accommodating in helping people with housing and food. Perhaps the Affordable Care act is a beginning of sorts, though many states have not accepted its Medicaid provision, leaving poor people still without health coverage. In December 2013 and early January 2014, Jupiter was in a grand square with Pluto in Capricorn, Uranus in Aries and Mars in Libra. This grand square will be exact on April 22 at the same time as the next Uranus/Pluto square and sandwiched between two eclipses. This period will certainly be one of emotional volatility and high intensity. In late May there will be a grand trine between Jupiter, Saturn in Scorpio, and Chiron in Pisces, which should bring some healing energies and a more harmonious cycle.

Mercury Retrogrades

Mercury retrogrades on February 6 in 3 degrees Pisces conjoining Neptune and goes direct on February 28 in Aquarius. This retrograde cycle may be challenging some of our illusions with that conjunction to Neptune, though it may also be a period of strong creativity. Since the retrograde is exactly square Obama’s Moon, there no doubt will be some glitches and frustrations for him. The second Mercury retrograde takes place on June 7 in 3 degrees of Cancer conjunct the US Venus and Jupiter; it goes direct July 1 in Gemini. This is a particularly long retrograde cycle of 24 days. Financial institutions in this country may have some problems and we may see some changes in legislation regarding the economy. October 4 marks the third Mercury retrograde in early Scorpio trine Neptune and the US Venus Jupiter conjunction in Cancer. It goes direct on the 25th in Libra. This looks like a very intense time since there are two eclipses as well.


Eclipses come in pairs and occur twice a year. Our first set of eclipses is in April. On April 15 there is a total Lunar eclipse at 25 degrees Libra which is square the US’ natal Pluto, and close to the grand square on April 22. This is a particularly strong time on the planet and there may be a lot of challenges to relationships, extreme weather patterns, and unrest in many areas of the world. The next eclipse is an annular solar eclipse on April 29 in 9 degrees of Taurus. This squares the nodes in the US chart and probably indicates volatile financial markets. October 8 brings a total Lunar eclipse at 15 degrees Aries opposing the US Saturn and squaring the US Sun in Cancer. With Mercury retrograde at the same time, this period may see major conflicts in the US. The last eclipse of 2014 on October 23 is a partial Solar eclipse at 0 degrees of Scorpio. This eclipse is 2 degrees from the Mercury retrograde cycle and occurs before Mercury stations direct at 17 Libra, conjunct the US Saturn and square our Cancer Sun. By this time, hopefully, some transformations will have occurred and more states will have legalized gay marriage, recreational marijuana, and physician assisted death for terminally ill patients.

2014-A Year to Remember

2014 will be a year to remember with the grand square in the sky and huge changes in the United States, since both Uranus, the planet of revolution and freedom, and Pluto, the planet of deep transformations, both will be acting on the United States’ Sun/Saturn square. This square in a personal chart indicates deep insecurity and need for approval from a father figure. Perhaps we can use the caring and nurturing of our Cancer Sun to help those who are living below the poverty line, and make sure we provide good organic foods without genetic modification to all people. The challenges are there and it is up to each one of us to see that we move forward in our caretaking and help to upset the power of the plutocracy– the corporations and the moneyed interests, thereby providing security to all people.