Winter Solstice | 2016

In Washington, DC Sagittarius rises and Saturn is conjoined the Sun in the first house. Saturn will continue in Sagittarius most of the year until next December when it enters Capricorn. Saturn is opposite the US Mars at 22 Gemini and square the US Neptune at 22 Virgo, which does not look good for the coming year with our new president threatening to scrap the Iran nuclear deal, the climate change agreement passed in Paris and other measures.

Jupiter is opposing Uranus and square the Pluto Mercury conjunction with Mercury retrograde. By the solstice, we will see what happens with the choosing of electors on December 19 when Mercury makes its retrograde station. No doubt there will be lots of delays in Christmas mail and packages.

December 21, 2016, 5:44 am EST

Mars is in the third house in Pisces conjoined the south node of the Moon and Neptune, as well as being semi-square Pluto. This seems to represent the cabinet choices of our President-elect with the emphasis on retired generals and heads of big corporations.

Moon in Libra in the tenth may indicate some strong female powers at work, as well as progressive movements afoot. (Elizabeth Warren seems to be playing a large part here.) The Moon is square the Sun and inconjunct the south node so our emotions may run strong at this season, though a Libra Moon brings some balance.

North node is in Virgo where it will continue until the end of April when it retrogrades in Leo. With Mercury retrograde and ruler of the seventh as well as the node ruled by Mercury, we will definitely face some challenges in our relations with other countries. This next season we need to be clear with our communications and be sensitive to the needs of those with whom we are in relationship.

Fall Equinox | 2016

autumn-CC-no-attribLooking at the chart for the Fall Equinox for Washington, DC, we see Scorpio rising with a Venus Hygeia conjunction in the twelfth house of this chart opposite Uranus and Eris in the sixth. Does this conjunction refer to a woman in the White House for the next cycle? Juno is also near the ascendant which could refer to Hillary as well. Hillary’s role is no doubt getting women in the White House just as Obama’s was to break that barrier for blacks.

The Sun is conjoined Jupiter in the eleventh house square Mars in Sagittarius in the second. This certainly refers to the frequent violence all over the country; New Jersey and New York recently as well as Minnesota, Charlotte and other places. Cities are having riots and people have been camped out for weeks protesting the pipe line in the Dakotas.

Mercury conjoined the node and opposite Neptune does not bode well for the presidential debates and the third party candidates have been left out which is nothing new in this country. The theme is also reiterated in the Gemini Moon opposite Saturn. Pluto trine Mercury does help the situation and may be helping to transform the progressive movement with Bernie Sanders who is still out there working on college tuition and against the corporate interests.

Ceres in Taurus near the descendant also brings up the huge issue of climate change and emphasis in this country on agricultural reforms, with trying to let go of chemicals and other noxious pesticides.

Personally, this could be a time of great expansion and a time to look deeply into our issues with Scorpio ascendant.

Summer Solstice 2016

CC Andrew Dunn, 21 June 2005
CC Andrew Dunn, 21 June 2005

Challenges for the next cycle are abundant in the summer solstice chart. A grand square with Saturn at 11 degrees of Sagittarius, Neptune at 12 Pisces, Jupiter at almost 16 degrees of Virgo and Mercury at 12 Gemini is angular in the chart for Washington, DC. Saturn, Neptune and Jupiter have been dancing together for a while and now Mercury is in the picture as well. Saturn on the USA ascendant certainly portends to both the Democratic and Republican conventions in July, with lots of stress and foggy Neptune playing out.

The Moon in Capricorn is just past Full Moon and opposite the planet Venus in Cancer, which is conjoined the US Venus and Jupiter. This is definitely the signature for the first candidate for female president.

Mars at 23 Scorpio is square the US Moon at 27 Aquarius and trine the US Mercury at 24 Cancer so it seems as though somehow in the fog, the nominees for president will be crowned.

The nodes are also a part of the grand square; the south node is in Pisces conjoined Neptune sitting in the third house of communications in the Washington, DC chart.

Just to put the icing on the cake, Uranus in Aries is conjoined Eris as well as Ceres in the fifth house of creativity opposed by Pluto.  Does this indicate several of our wonderful artists, musicians and writers passing over during this new season? Chaos abounds everywhere and not just on the political stage!

With Ceres there as well and this triple conjunction inconjunct Mars in Scorpio, it is possible that the farming industry, not only in this country but throughout the world, will see some major changes.

In our rituals and prayers for Solstice, we may be able to plant seeds of peace and harmony, as this is a very challenging time period for all of us!

The Mercury Eclipse

mercury eclipseA rare phenomenon is occurring on May 9 when Mercury in retrograde conjoins the Sun. Mercury will be at its furthest point of its orbit (aphelion) from the Sun and also moving slowly. This phenomenon occurs during Taurus or Scorpio. It is similar to the Venus eclipse we had in 2012.

This transit occurs 13-14 times in each century.

The chart for the transit for Washington, DC would be May 9 at 9:57 AM EDT

Cancer ascendant is near the US Sun with Uranus and Eris conjoined in the tenth house. Uranus is still square Pluto which sits on the seventh house cusp, our relations with the world. Mars and Saturn are conjunct and square both Neptune and Jupiter and the nodes.  This confusion certainly relates to the state of politics in the US now and throughout the world. There is a grand trine with Venus, Sun, and Mercury in Taurus, Jupiter in Virgo, and Pluto in Capricorn, which bodes well for the earth’s resources and moving through the Paris agreement on climate change. The Moon in Gemini in the twelfth house indicates a lot of communication and is square Chiron in Pisces; we need so much healing now in the world. Perhaps there will be a bit more communication with Uranus’ sextile to the Moon.

To read more about this, see the article by Thanasis Matsotas in the April 2016 issue of ISAR journal, Vol. 45, #1

For an astronomical description of this eclipse and to find out why it is rare, click here.

Cosmic Influences for 2016

2016Uranus square Pluto, which we have been under for more than 5 years, continues and is exact within 1 degree this January 3rd. Uranus, the planet of revolution, freedom, breaking out of old patterns, and unexpected and chaotic events, has been in Aries, a sign of initiation and new beginnings. Uranus in Aries can also be impulsiveness and rage and violence.

Pluto rules transformation, birth and death, the underworld, drugs, terrorism and corporate greed. In the sign of Capricorn, where it has been, it refers to the breaking up of corporate structures and old patterns that we hold.

When we have had planets or the angles in our charts hit by these 2 planets, (from 12-17 of the cardinal signs -Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) we may have undergone some kind of crisis, death of loved ones and friends, unexpected illness, sudden moves, major life changes, depression and anxiety.

The economic crisis that began in December of 2007 with bankruptcy and foreclosures has led to a strong disproportion of incomes with the top 1% making most of the money and holding on to a majority of resources. In the world, this has led to huge austerity movements in Greece and other countries.

The “Arab Spring started in December of 2010 when a man in Tunisia set himself on fire as a protest for not being able to sell his wares on the street and led to uprisings in Tahir square in Egypt and many other uprisings in the Mid-east especially. Dictators were overthrown in Libya and other countries leading to civil wars in Syria, Libya, and Yemen, which are going on today and no doubt will not be resolved in 2016.

The spread of terrorism and jihadism with Al Qaeda in the Mid-east. Boko Haram in Nigeria, and ISIL in Iraq and Syria, which declared itself a caliphate in June of 2014, and is spreading through the Mid-east and parts of Africa. In November 2015, bombings and killings in Paris were its first strong manifestation in the West. Many young men and women from Europe and America are joining ISIL, which hopes to spread its message of jihad throughout the world. Meanwhile, the US and many other countries are bombing ISIL in an attempt to halt their spread and kill their leaders.

Individuals banning together in groups like Occupy Wall street which occurred in September 2011 in Zucotti park in NY and spread throughout the US, in order to bring attention to big banks and income inequality. Now we have the Black Lives Matter movement, which is growing stronger as more young black men and women are killed by white policemen throughout the United States.

We also saw a lot of whistle blowing with Pluto in Capricorn, uncovering the lies we have been fed by the NSA and other organizations. Julian Assange and Wikileaks, as well as Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning became household names.

The other huge theme which we will see more of in each country of the world is Climate Change. Many resolutions were passed in Paris in December of 2015 to halt pollutions, but whether or not, countries will follow through in banning fossil fuels and moving toward renewables remains to be seen.

With this square in aspect through 2016, and even through 2018, the dwarf planet Eris will conjunct Uranus three times, which can lead to more violence and terrorism, as Eris is the planet of discord. Every 500 years Uranus and Eris come together in the sign of Aries. Hold on to your seat belts for this year!

2016ForecastHowever, our dreams are not lost as Neptune remains in Pisces through the year and squares Saturn in Sagittarius, giving us an opportunity to examine our beliefs and hopes once again. With the lunar nodes in Virgo and Pisces, the Neptunian themes are present—our inspired creative growth, our visions for peace in the world, our service to those less fortunate. This theme is made stronger by Jupiter in the sign of Virgo, the sign of service, through September, when it enters Libra. How many refugees will the United States allow and how many will go to various European countries? Will our bombings and drone strikes create more uninhabitable places on the planet and lead to more refugees fleeing?

With all this background on the cosmic stage, as individuals we need to become more aware of our own talents and strengths, so we may contribute to the collective and bring forth our visions for a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable planet.

Winter Solstice 2015

December 21, 2015, 11:48 pm EST, Washington DC
December 21, 2015, 11:48 pm EST, Washington DC

The Capricorn Ingress is the last ingress in 2015, which has been a year of many changes and challenges. Winter Solstice is the shortest day of the year and after that, the light returns gradually.

Jupiter is conjoined the north node in Virgo in the solstice chart and is near the ascendant in Washington, DC. There is a grand trine with Moon in Taurus and Pluto, Mercury, Pallas Athena in Capricorn. This grand trine could bode well for the climate talks happening in early December in Paris and for getting into more renewable energy sources like solar and wind power. It could also indicate a more balanced economy in the next season with the Moon in Taurus.

Mars in Libra is opposite the Uranus Eris conjunction in Aries and square Pluto Mercury and Pallas in Capricorn. This surely signifies the war like posture of so many nations in bombing ISIL in Syria and in terrorist activity throughout the world, not only in the Mid-east and Africa, but now the fear of terrorism in the Western world after the Paris attacks of November 13.

In the United States, most of the Republican candidates are focused on some kind of ground war against ISIL as well as refusing immigration to Syrian refugees. Jupiter in the Solstice chart is on our Neptune in 22 Virgo and square to our Mars in 21 Gemini. (US chart for July 4, 1776 at 5:10 PM in Philadelphia). This is a challenge to our principles of democracy and idealism that has allowed so many seeking refuge to settle here.

Saturn in Sagittarius is square to Neptune in the Solstice chart and this was exact in November. Neptune In Pisces refers to dreams and visions but squared by Saturn can indicate that we have to work to ground these visions and carry them through on the earth plane. Neptune is also square the US Uranus, indicating a more chaotic situation as the 2016 primaries get underway in February.

Venus in the Solstice chart is opposite the Taurus Moon and we are seeing more challenging events regarding female rights and the closing of abortion clinics, as well as the shootings at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs on Friday, November 27.

In general, there are several strong positive aspects in this chart but also a lot of challenges.




Libra Ingress | Fall Equinox

autumn-CC-no-attribThe Sun moves into Libra on September 23 at 4:20 AM EDT in Washington, DC. Fall Equinox this year takes place between two eclipses on September 13 and 27 and also during a Mercury Retrograde cycle.

In Washington, Mars rises in Leo and inconjuncts a Capricorn Moon as well as squaring Saturn. When Congress resumes on September 8, there are a lot of fireworks that are going to happen. The bill to defund Planned Parenthood is on the table and this is connected to the budget and the possibility of closing down the government. The Iran Nuclear agreement is going to get more heat as the time for its passage gets closer.

Venus is also in Leo and is in the twelfth house. It does trine Uranus but makes a wide inconjunct to Pluto indicating womens’ issues may again be a topic of concern. Relationships may undergo some strong transformations at this time, especially if either of the eclipses are aspecting one or both of the partners’ charts.

There is a lot of energy toward relationships as the Libra Sun conjoins the north node in Libra and Mercury is retrograde in Libra as well. The Sun sextiles Saturn in the first degree of Sagittarius so there is some accomplishing of new projects. However, the Moon conjoins Pluto indicating many emotional challenges on the horizon both for individuals and also for the United States, as the Moon here is on the US’ natal Pluto.

In the horoscope for the European Union (November 1, 1993, 12:01 AM, Brussels, Belgium) Uranus is opposing natal Venus and Venus in the Ingress chart is square natal Mercury so the migrant crisis seems to loom large with no easy solutions. Jupiter in Virgo in the Ingress chart does conjoin Chiron in the EU chart, perhaps bringing a ray of hope to a very complex issue.

Jupiter opposing Neptune here may point to certain illusions in our relationships with other countries since Neptune is in the 7th house for Washington, DC. It also may indicate issues coming up in the health and medical worlds that have not been resolved, perhaps with Obamacare. Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces can be idealistic and the Paris Summit on climate change is due to happen the end of September.

This equinox season will certainly bring many upheavals as we keep dancing to different rhythms through the new moon eclipse in Virgo and the full Moon eclipse in Aries.



Summer Solstice & the New Season

Summer Solstice over Stonehenge. "Summer Solstice Sunrise over Stonehenge 2005". Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons -
Summer Solstice Sunrise over Stonehenge 2005. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons –

The Sun is conjoined Mars in the tenth house of the chart and inconjunct Saturn in the last degree of Scorpio. This indicates that there will be a lot of focus on aggressive and warlike behavior in this country in the next few months. We know that Obama has plans to send at least 500 more troops to Iraq to help train the army there as well as continuing its bombing of ISIS targets. Supporting the Saudi bombing of Yemen has also been happening the past couple of months. Many of the Republican candidates for president as well as John Mc Cain, are suggesting troops on the ground in Iraq and this theme no doubt will be a part of their foreign policy.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders, who has an Aries Moon conjunct Mars, is touring the country with his populous message of increasing the minimum wage, making the big banks accountable, and working on the infrastructure. Hillary Clinton is advocating voter rights in every state as a huge priority. The battle over immigration with Obama’s plan for the dreamers and others, as well as the closing of many of the detention centers continues.

June 21, 2015, 12:37 PM EDT, Washington, DC
June 21, 2015, 12:37 PM EDT, Washington, DC

Venus and Jupiter are also conjunct in Leo with Juno and the Moon there too. They are making a grand trine with Uranus in Aries and Pallas Athena in Sagittarius. Summer brings many art and music festivals throughout the country and travels to places for outdoor festivals. However, the Moon in 29 degrees of Leo is square to Saturn retrograde in 29 Scorpio, which indicates the ongoing problems with womens’ issues, especially abortion rights in several states such as Texas. Pluto in 14 Capricorn is inconjunct Venus and Jupiter, adding to the theme of equal rights and pay for women, as well as the Plutonian theme of police brutality in so many states, which has become a huge issue for the USA now.

Mercury in Gemini is in the 9th house; it squares Neptune and makes a grand trine with Ceres in Aquarius as well as the north node in Libra. Trade agreements with other countries and Obama’s efforts to pass the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership) seem to contain a lot of false and sketchy information. Mercury is the chart ruler with Virgo rising; 23 degrees of Virgo conjoins natal Neptune in the US chart (July 4, 1776, at 5:10 PM, Philadelphia) and square our natal Mars in the seventh house. Though we may be under the constant illusion of helping other countries promote democracy, achieving this through drone strikes and bombing does not seem to be working. Perhaps the Venus Jupiter conjunction will help lift spirits and add a stronger dimension to creative ventures as we enter the new season.

Aries Ingress, Spring Equinox and Eclipses

Our 2015 Aries Ingress is quite powerful with an eclipse twelve hours earlier in the last degree of Pisces. This is a dramatic way to end the old cycle and begin the new one, as the Aries Ingress inaugurates the beginning of burgeoning energies. All of this occurs on March 20.

Total Lunar Eclipse, March 20, 2015
Total Lunar Eclipse, March 20, 2015

Eclipses come in pairs and this one is the first in 2015. It is a total Solar eclipse which will be visible in northern Europe and the Arctic. Eclipses intensify the energy, especially when they aspect planets or angles in our own charts. Along with the eclipse and new Moon in Pisces, we also have Neptune, Chiron, and Mercury in Pisces as well. (Neptune has been in Pisces and will continue to be for another 10 years.) Pisces is in fact ruled by the planet Neptune and relates to our vision, our dreams, our inner life and intuition. We are being shown ways to release our linear ways of thinking and dive into meditative and creative pursuits at this time.

An hour later the Moon enters Aries and 13 hours later, the Sun enters Aries and we have the first bursts of spring occurring. The Sun, Moon, south node of the Moon, Uranus and Mars are in Aries with the Sun, Moon and south node trine Saturn in Sagittarius. Moon, south node, Uranus and Mars are also trine Jupiter in Leo. This is a very fiery chart and relates to new energies that are sprouting now, but with the Neptune, Chiron, and Mercury still in Pisces, there is the need to balance our inner lives and intuitive ways of approach. When this chart is drawn for Washington, DC, we have a Virgo rising with the Aries planets in the 7th and 8th houses. Our foreign relationships are key now and Virgo rising suggests the need for diplomacy and not more wars with both Mars and Uranus in Aries as well. The degree of Virgo rising is also conjunct Neptune in the US chart (July 4, 17776 in Philadelphia at 5:10 PM) and square our natal Mars, which symbolizes the struggles in our own Congress with the Iran agreement on nuclear weapons and more. The conjunction of the ascendant to our natal Neptune again stresses the need to balance our country and not just ourselves with a more meditative, non linear approach.

Aries Ingress, 2015
Aries Ingress, 2015

The full Moon eclipse occurs April 4 at 8:05 AM in Washington. An interesting note here is that this is the third of four Total Lunar eclipses; not all Lunar eclipses are total, so this makes it stronger. It will be visible in both North and South America as well as in Asia and western Australia. This eclipse is particularly potent since the Sun is exactly conjunct Uranus in Aries and square Pluto. The Sun conjunct Uranus brings in strong changes and upheavals. The Sun and Uranus are in a T square with the Moon and Pluto. This accentuates the Uranus Pluto square which occurred for the 7th and last time on March 16. The Moon here is the degree of Saturn in the US chart, and the Moon, Sun, and Uranus all square the US natal Sun in Cancer. This is a very tricky time period for the US, as well as for so many of the other countries that have been affected by the Uranus Pluto square beginning in 2010 with the Arab spring. Since this eclipse occurs on Easter weekend and the beginning of Passover, many religious ceremonies and rituals may help to balance the energy. The ascendant degree in Washington is 12 degrees of Taurus which is inconjunct the US ascendant at 12 Sagittarius, an aspect indicating adjustment. The Moon in Libra strives for balance in all areas of our lives. Those whose horoscopes will be hit by this eclipse are those who have been under the energy of the Uranus square Pluto for many months.

Solar Eclipse, April 4, 2015
Solar Eclipse, April 4, 2015

This spring is a very challenging time for all of us. On March 14, Saturn went retrograde in Sagittarius; it will retrograde back into Scorpio until September 2 when it goes direct. No doubt many more hidden things will come to the surface during this period, so staying in balance with our practical selves and rational thinking, as well as our intuitive guidance, will be important. We are being shown the tools with the New Moon eclipse in Pisces and the Full Moon eclipse in Libra


Honoring Jeff Jawer

Marcia and Jeff at UAC2008
Marcia and Jeff at UAC2008

One of the most accomplished and loving astrologers has left this planet on February 10, 2015. Jeff will always be with us through his teachings and his immense love for astrology and his astrological colleagues throughout the world.

I first met Jeff in May 1978 at Ray Merriman’s ARC (Aquarian Revelation Center) conference at Colombiere College in Michigan. Jeff and his then partner Sheryl were my bathroom mates (shared bathrooms in the dorm was the way things were set up.) So from the beginning, we shared deep astrological discussions but also a lot of humor (we had to schedule our showers etc) and heartfelt experiences. Jeff invited me to teach at the Daily Planets in Atlanta, a store which he and David Railey owned. I taught there twice and stayed with Jeff and Sheryl. We both acknowledged Dane Rudyhar and his writings as our main influence on our astrological work. In Atlanta, we shared so many good times besides our teaching, that Jeff and Sheryl decided to move to San Francisco. I was living in Marin County so our friendship grew deeper. At some point, I moved to Nevada City to be in the mountains for a while and a woman there offered to teach me Uranian Astrology in exchange for Medical Astrology. Jeff got very upset with me, the only time I remember his doing this. He felt I would be making Astrology too complex if I used the trans-Neptunian planets. I assured him that I was just learning all I could about astrology (having a Gemini Moon opposite Mercury) and would not confuse my clients with too many extra planets. Jeff liked to keep things simple and our discussions were very psychologically oriented.

In time, Jeff moved to France to polish his French and of course there he met lovely Danick and married her. He sent me photos of both girls, Laura and Lyana, when they were born and years later, when I was living in Santa Fe, in 1995, the whole family stayed with me on their way to San Diego from Atlanta to relocate. He again shared with me that he was upset by so many astrologers using asteroids and other bodies and not focusing on the basics. Spending time with the whole family was great and the girls made beautiful drawings that they put on my refrigerator. At one ARC conference, along with Jim Lewis and Angel Thomson and others, we started AFAN as an organization that would recognize astrology as a profession.

The rest of his story will be told by Rick Levine and others as he moved from San Diego to Seattle and began work with Star IQ, writing many books as well as travel all over the world. In April of 2014, he was in Santa Fe for a conference with Danick and we spent a wonderful day together, again sharing our heritage from Dane Rudyhar and how we were trying to keep astrology to the basics. My last dinner with Jeff was at the recent ISAR conference at Wild Horse Pass. When Danick wrote me about his having lung cancer in January, I was very sad and did not want him to suffer. With his innate knowledge, he chose not to have chemotherapy, and to show us his deep Scorpionic wisdom in gracefully passing to other realms where he will still be teaching us, though we will miss his wonderful hugs!

Imbolc 2015

 Dear Jeff,
On this day of the Goddess Brigid,
goddess of music and poetry,
when the first stirrings of spring
fill the air,
when trees start to recover their leaves,
when the grass begins to green again.
You, Jeff Jawer, have chosen
to leave the planet.
You, a sensuous Taurus
who loves the earth,
your beautiful wife and daughters,
your many friends.
Now you will journey
to explore other realms,
to teach astrology in the heavenly spheres.
We honor your decision,
and bless your journey.
We will miss your smiling face,
your open heart, your humor,
but we know that Paradise
will be richer with your presence
and the stars will certainly shine brighter.

 Love Marcia