Welcome to Earth Medicine Ways

Earth Medicine Ways is a foundation that combines ancient rituals from many cultures with contemporary spiritual practices to help individuals find their own path of empowerment. One branch of Earth Medicine Ways is the teaching of and consultations in Medical Astrology as well as other facets of Astrology. Another branch is ritual workshops and ceremonies honoring seasonal events as well as rites of passage for different phases of one’s life.

Medical Astrology: Healing for the 21st Century

Books & Articles

Marcia is the author of numerous books and article on astrology as well as poetry collections. She recently re-published her rectification of Hillary Clinton’s chart from the ISAR Journal.

To read this article, or for more information about her writings, visit Books & Articles.


Marcia is an internationally known astrologer and author of numerous books on astrology. She is available for the following consultations:

  • Natal, Progressed, and Relationship Astrology
  • Complete Health Consultations
  • Astro*Carto*Graphy
  • Electional Astrology for Surgeries, Health Procedures, Business Openings, and Weddings

For more information about her services, visit Consultations.

Events & Classes

Marcia offers events andĀ local classes in Santa Fe, appearances at conferences around the US, and online courses. Her current courses include

  • Marcia discusses 2016 on Moonwise with Merrylin LeBlanc, KFSR-Santa Fe. To stream, click here.
  • Marcia discusses Bernie Sanders’ chart on Moonwise with Merrylin LeBlanc, KFSR-Santa Fe. Marcia discusses her rectification of Bernie Sanders’ chart. To stream, click here.
  • Apprenticeship Group Learn more about Medical Astrology and also share client charts. To find out more about this group, click here.
  • Mundane Astrology Santa Fe, Online Courses, Tapes, & Correspondence Course For more information, visitĀ Classes and Events.